How do I pick my NCAA brackets here on the website = no circles, no squares for selections to play?!

Bill Grundy

Hi did I miss something?

how do we select winners for each round IN ADVANCE for these beauty games??

Steve bigwoods, canada

Bill Grundy

Found it.
Soo sorry for the tired dufuss of asking others to help sick old dude thru this gig
splained now.
I am sitting ugly muggly here in the GBH Midland Hospital
trying to recover from a cancer diagnosis
OUCH in the pouch
getting better using
alternative meds
wish me rots of ruck!
LOVE n rackets for playing sick with the NCAA brackets!

Thanks again for giving us WHO's down in whoville who posted this UP for us to have this chance too show our baskets in the open?

Steve bigwoods, ontario oh OH Nooooooo!