I think my mama must have raised a fool.....wnba thursday


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Yes I am a fool...I'm gonna bet those Sacramento Monarchs tonight (again) even though I think I'm something like 1-6 with them. Their coach stepped down the other day...he, like I, expected a lot more from these girls at this point in the season. There's still time for Sacramento to make a nice run...needs to start tonight against the hottest team in the league right now.

1. Houston at Sacramento...Sacramento -3

Record 17-19

Good Luck!!!


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I was with you and I must say I was reasonably confident with it....true enough we were able to ride it through with a win....


Thanks for the play Todd, your perseverance has paid off! Looks like Sacramento and WNBATodd are on a roll.... Keep up the great work, always look for your insight on the WNBA.