Jumping Into Oncoming TRAFFIC Week 16. An NFL Goldmine Angle

Bill Grundy

Here is a heads up spot to mark on your Christmas calendar which should be especially interesting for the people who look for system plays or angles that have been delivering every year amongst the holiday season chaos. Do not miss this coming week 16 of the NFL as this is your chance to boldly/blindly? jump into oncoming traffic. It has been a goldmine because it is the week where the public plays one of the worst betting strategies in history -being the "this team has to win" angle.

Hope this helps...

Bill Grundy

Play # 1.

On this we are betting against the public who moved the line down to 3 with their "this team has to win" angle in their pocket.
That pocket has a hole in it.
Bet the Chargers to cover.

There area few other "must win" teams which fit this angle so feel free to add any if you have em already cornered.


Bill Grundy

Sad when an angle EXPLODES on take off. Just sticking to the angle with the scoop for the remaining candidates for teams in a must win situation.
Anyone following this angle will likely have their candidates already in play.

Entering Week 16, 41 percent of the NFL has been eliminated from playoff contention.

Out-of-contention teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals are all facing teams in a MUST WIN SITUATION.

That Charger ATS loss yesterday was my only error on a juicy 5 team parlay. Sometimes the game you count on the most is the one that bites.

Hope these help