Keeneland April19


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Well it didn't take long to see the inside bias wasn't there yesterday on the MUDDY track, as in the very first race 7 went 3 wide the whole trip and won easily, whereas the 1 had a good trip inside and tired badly. #s 5,6,7 came in in the 2nd race.
With no rain for 24 hours maybe the track will be fast today, hard to predict with any certainty though. if it is fast look for the inside bias to reappear. To help decide if the inside is better I've listed my contenders. If the lower #'s win then the inside is better.
race 1 10,4,5,7
race 2 6,3,1,9,4
race 3 2,4,5,1
race 4 5,4,2,3..5 stands out.
race5 tough 7,2,3,4
race 7 turf Favs with speed and post 1 did well yesterday.
race 8 if track favours speed take the 8 if fav closers take the 5. If strong inside bias look closely at #2 and #1.
race 9 turf #2 has good post and early style that did well yesterday on yeilding turf.


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Thanks Barryt for the helpful info. Like you mentioned yesterday played out different and I finally clued in later. Hopefully I will catch on quicker today and with your tips lets hope for a successful day. GLTA When are you back in Canada, (as I will be in Ottawa to pick up my daughter and wouldn't mind sharing a cold one).