Last fling......make me an honest Joe


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Man this is a tough game to cap. But you simply can not give TB points in what is basically a home game for TB. Then the sharps come along and bet this down to 3 and that begs for Vegas to push KC. I'm not biting..............injury list favors TB (lots of upgraded to probable out there) and KC missing Gay at LB is a big deal. Also KC recievers banged up a bit too. I also would not be surprised to see Shady McCoy (looking into this prop) get a few touches tonight. How about that one gang? Shady gets back to back SB rings with 2 different teams.
TB +3 - 4*
Over 56 - 2*

Been a pretty good year overall and I will end the season in the black either way tonight. Have several pools out with great numbers for a change. And we got a bonus of some OG's peeking in at the end of the season. As always, been great to be a part of this EE family and may all of you stay safe and healthy till the fall.


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GL today BB...Been a great ride here on EE....Appreciate a place to share picks and safe...hopefully golf soon....Mike


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Good to see your back hopefully feeling well! With you with TB Buff hope we’re right I see the same things you talk about. 🙏