Let's Welcome Swine to the Forum!


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Thanks for the welcome, I hope to be of some use to youse guys. I look at alot of stats, compare them to the odds offered and try to find the plus (+) edge and will take the minus (-) only for no brainers.

I may be a pig, but I also like the DOGS!

One of the most important things is what is going on behind the scenes on a team, that is what will give you the biggest edge, so read between dem lines and look at the betting lines...

It is all Linear boys and girls

By the way, how'd you get hold of the family photo, that's me in the back right!


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Too funny Radster and Swine... welcome aboard... like your approach and look forward to your picks.

I have a feeling you're one smart pig... way smarter than that critter on Green Acres.

born to lose

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hello fellow bramptonian....there is not much else to do here in brampton............by the way do you work at the chrysler plant ...........


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I like to welcome,you swine!

Do you burp and fart alot or do you just like pork? Any relation to porky pig!



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Many Thanks

Thankyou for the welcome boys and girls...

Sorry but I must use girls in here too...I have seen some of your picks!!!

I'll address born to lose first...my first new car was a Chrysler, it broke down after 3 days, now I won't even park next to one, let alone work there...they wouldn't have me anyway...but I do live in Brampton - nice place, nice pace, good people...

GMAN, I like to burp, fart AND pork!!! I'm a guy!!! I ate porky yesterday, Ba de Ba de, that was all folks.

RADSTER and Steelbag...you are talking about uncle Arnold, the infamous uncle that no one wants to talk about...

Once I get a little ahead of the game I will disclose a little more about myself - because right now my predictions are not cookin'...I get a little more info than the average bear and I will try and serve it up daily.

You guys all seem great and this is a great forum, the best I have seen yet - I will either inspire of perspire, being the pig I are.

We's be talkin'...thanks again guys