MLB - 6/29


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2-2 last night +0.09 units
61-47-1 overall +7.54 units


ARIZONA -215 Over Colorado

Johnson is so much of a better pitcher than Astacio, and with the Rockies absolutely stinking up the joint lately, hard to not play Arizona here. Arizona has the better hitting and bullpen lately by a wide margin.

SAN DIEGO -128 Over Los Angeles

Eaton has improved greatly from the beginning of the season. His ERA the last 3 starts is under 2, and his ERA against the Dodgers the last 2 years is a little bit over 2. Dreifort is just the opposite. He is getting worse and worse, and has had little success against the Padres. Padres own the hitting and bullpen advantages here lately, so a good spot for the Pads here.



These two pitchers have been mediocre or worse this season. Reith has struggled mightily, and will be heading back to AAA if he keeps it up. His ERA the last 3 is over 11, and was rocked by the Cubs once this season already. Bere has been a little better than Reith, but an ERA of almost 5 and almost 6 against the Reds is not a good sign. The pitchers are in place for a high scoring game.


Even with the Big Unit as a 2 unit play, this number is low, considering the lack of success that Astacio has had. Arizona should get at least 6 or 7 by themselves tonight, and the Rockies have shown that they can put at least a few up against Johnson in the past.

MONTREAL -133 Over Pittsburgh

Mattes has been exceptional in his first two starts this season, and even though the Pirates have seen him already, it shouldn't matter. The Expos teed off on Biemel last time out, and Beimel has been very hittable in his last 3 starts.

Good luck to all,