MLB Friday


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3 winning nights in a row with yesterdays 3-1 +2.34
Season to date now on plus side 12-11 +2.21

Cincinatti -1 1/2 -110 @ Detroit (1.5*)
Getting off the Detroit train and with Cinci's Castillo on the mound ( he is a monster) , will play a rare Run Line .
Cleveland-116 @ Minny (1*)
Clev starting pitching is on fire, bull pen solid, team playing well 5-2 record and Clevenger on the mound. Lines about right
Atl -127 hostin NYM (1*)
Porcello for NYM is a mess, just a shadow of his former self. NYM on a losing streak, will play ATL as a fade of Porcello

Colorado-103 hosting SD (.5*)
Their home opener and still see this team as undervalued. Gray has pitched well at Coors
Seattle +179 hosting Oak (.5*)
Stayiing on the red hot Mariners