MLB picks -- Fri, 0629


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Yesterday: 1-4 [-3.60]
TTD: 119–198 [-61.94]
TTD includes 67 Parlays [12–55, -15.30]
Total -- June: 35–85 [-45.51]

3 Units -- PHI @ +105 Home-Dog
Have to go with Chen over the Marlins' Chucky...
FLA is 1-3 v PHI in L4 starts by Smith (0-2 @ PHI)...
PHI is 3-1 v FL in L4 starts by Chen (1-0 @ PHI)...
PHI has dominated FLA going 26-9 L35 @ PHI

2 Units -- SF @ -110
I'll take Rueter and his 8-3 mark v STL (Kile 5-14 v SF)... Kile won last week's match-up @ STL, Rueter's gets over tonight... Giants 13-1 L14 in Game 4 of a Homestand and smarting after blowing Wed's game v LA

SD @ -130
Eaton's been solid v LA, has a great K/BB ratio and Dreifort's had problems v SD... Padres scored in more innings than LA last night -- if Eaton can keep them from having a big inning this one goes to the Pads


Looks like some nice looking Plays for you today. I made some $$ on Eaton last time and he should do it again.
Dreifort really did not pitch too bad for the Dodgers until the 6th inninglast time .I am a bit worried that maybe Dreifort gets his crap together, as L.A. seems to have turned it up a notch.
I am getting tired of watching all these re-runs in baseball, with the same damn pitchers going against each other every weeekend. These games don't turn my crank and I usually stay away from them.
It's kind of like watching the same Porn movie, over and over. Not like I have ever done that before. lol
good luck to ya Steel ,,,,Rawk


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Steel, you make the Philly pick look like a no-brainer. Is it just me or have there been a lot of sweeps lately. The trend should continue today.

Best of luck mon amie!!! ReaDyMon