Monday at the Bar n Grill


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Took Sunday off following a tough Saturday. YTD Summary thru Saturday was posted in Hockey Forum Sunday evening. But we forgot to include two NHL Series wins which came in via Philly and Tampa Bay, each for a we'll include them in Today's record, uhhh, tomorrow. (See, it's the bowls. They can sometimes make time travel possible.)

Monday, Apr 19

On Frozen Pond

NUCK -120 vs Fire.....Obviously these two teams have matched up very well all year long, thanks in large part to Calgary's stronger defense. But in Game 7 we have Vancouver at home in what should be another very tight battle and they simply have more ways to put in that final goal. Sure looks like a 2-1 game, so we'll also use

FIRE/NUCK Undah 4.5 even

Strong lean to Bear since all our numbers show them beating Montreal...however, given the past two games we fear a possible collapse is in progress and don't want to give the -160.

On Hard Wood

ROCK +7.5 at Lake
ROCK/LAKE Undah 176.5

Sure don't see why Houston doesn't continue to throw everything into the half court slog-fest style of game. This suggests both teams finish at 85 or less. In fact, that's about how we see it, 84-80.

Back later with possible action in The Great Game.

GLTA for a great week ahead!


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In The Great Game

Regulars on these three:

CAT +135 at Tribe
ATHLETIC +130 at Seamen
TALLMEN -115 vs Pad


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Adding a quasi-tail job on MCapper, since VWager doesn't offer the 1/2 run spread:

RED +180 at Bear (5 Inning Line)