Moving Over To Sonnys Main Room


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With hockey winding down to just a few plays weekly and MLB and NBA dominating our daily card, we're moving on over to the general Handicapping Forum for our daily posts.

Per the short summary below, combined with my solid Oct/Nov in pucks, we can see that for the third year in a row, Pucks was my Sport of Choice and for sure my Sport of Most Success. Thanks to the guys in this Hockey forum who turned me onto the game three years back and for helping me to have such success.

Onward to the grind of MLB and seeya in here come October.

Since reupping at the offshore in mid-February, our posted plays:

NHL 1* 54-32 +15.95
2* 12-3 +16.90

NBA 1* 61-50 +7.40
2* 8-7 +0.60

MLB 1* 6-6 +1.70
2* 1-1 +1.20

CBB 7-21 -21.90
AFL 0-4 -8.80

25 winning days, 17 losing days, 9 offdays


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New room!!

Now what do we do with all the Lightning posters all over the walls in this room? Will have to take a walk down the hall for a visit and keep tabs on the D-rays.

Nice work 'Cow