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SC/ND use to be can't miss tv. SC really needs to spend some $ on a coach.

Army +3...everyone on this. Vsin, sharp $ indicator etc but I'll bite as well.

Ok st +7...Iowa st is unranked home fav but 7 is a lot of pts with a low total. Thinking ok st can stay close and possibly win outright.

Wisconsin -3...playing against Purdue after big win last week. Let down.

Oregon them after sloppy win against cal last week ... Line lower BC of that.

Bama -25...Bama diff team at home. Tenn getting better but still limited at qb and on def. Over could be worth a look here.



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I like your card except for the ducks. They are 1-5 ATS and lackluster in every category. I think USC wins at home.

Ice Cold

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" Hooker " Comes Back To Tennessee Next Year There Will B No One Any Better , The Year Of Near Misses & Penalties Tonight , Team Looks Better & Better No Serious Injuries Tonight As I Seen Rest This Week & Should B Ready N Two Weeks
" Go " Vols "
" Collective Soul " Shine !!! &&& ***