NFL Plays for the weekend.


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Just played this 7 point teaser:

Green Bay Packers Pk/Kansas City Chiefs -2.5

KC line dropped from -10 to -9.5 and saw that as a good opportunity to put this play in. Similar, to the Bills and Bucs teaser I played last week, this is one of those plays where I absolutely can't see either of these teams losing. I put it in now in case the Chiefs line goes back up. Like it a lot

I'll be back this weekend with other plays...


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With the teaser pending, I like these, albeit I played them smaller then the teaser...

LA Rams/Packers Under 45.5

If this game stays close, it will be because the Rams defense keeps them it. As crappy as the Packers defense has been at times, I don't like Jared Goff in this spot. Packers do enough to win and cover IMO, but not in a shoot out. See something like 27-14 Packers

Baltimore Ravens +2.5

I love Josh Allen and am totally sold on him, but I think the Bills are a year away and just aren't quite ready to win a game like this. Lamar and the Ravens got somewhat embarrassed their first go around of the playoffs and I think they are the more prepared, well coached, and complete team here.

Back later in the weekend...
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Thanks all...

Sticking with just the last half of the teaser in the early game, though gun to my head I like the over.

Late Game:
Tampa Bay +3
Like this one a lot. There's the already addressed a million times angle of how difficult it is for a team to go 3-0 in a season over another, but the fact that the 0-2 QB is Brady makes it an even stronger angle for me. Also, as far as the Brees vs. Brady angle, I think Brady os the much more effective QB today. He still has an arm and has accuracy going deep. Brees relies on YAC from his WR's. Bottom line is it is hazardous to my health to bet against Brady in games like these. I think we are fated with Brady vs. Rodgers in the Championship game