NFL Sunday


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NFL Record 29-18

49ers +2.5 4*
49ers +18 money line 3*

Love SAN Fran today in a game they have to have with Seattle breathing down their necks so much is at stake, win the division and you likely get the 1 seed run second and you end up with the 5 seed, so the motivation is definitely there for them to show up big today and keep themselves in position to set up a division showdown with Seattle down the road. The Saints wrapped up their division last week and although they are playing for the number one seed themselves I don’t see them being as desperate as the 49ers, and let’s face it, the Saints are in a division where they play Atlanta, Carolina and Tampa twice a year vs a 49ers team who play Seattle and the Rams twice and throw in the Ravens last week in other words SAN Fran have played the far tougher schedule and in my opinion are the better team here with a scary Defensive Front which will terrorize Drew Brees today. I just can’t ignore what I’ve seen from these 49ers so far this season a more balanced skilled team than the Saints and the 2.5 points being offered are a gift and I’m playing the money line for a nice chunk as well. E.

Carolina Panthers +3.5 4*

This one comes down to a simple fact that I have discussed in previous threads when it comes to the Atlanta Falcons, you simply fade them as favourites, especially in the division. The Panthers come in here after firing their long time head coach and although the players had nothing against the coach they know that the decision was made after their stinker last week vs the lowly Redskins, and that should be enough motivation for them to show up big this week vs this division rival. The Falcons will not overwhelm anyone with their slow QB who has happy feet under pressure and should see plenty of that this week, give me the 3.5 big points and you might want to throw a little on the money line here as well.E

KC Chiefs +3 3*

Im going with Mahomes over Brady in this game period. It’s probably never wise to go against Brady and Belichik at Foxboro, but these Pats who played a weak schedule for a super bowl champ just don’t look like themselves this year, teams don’t fear Brady any more, he looks slow and old and I’m going with the young buck QB in this game. Give me the 3 points and again I will take the money line for some! E.

There they are really liking this card best of luck to everybody!


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Great card E. Agree with insight especially on SF today. Saints don’t need this week to get the 1 seed. Expect top effort from 9ers. GL


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Good Luck on all 4 wagers Elite!

I agree with most everything you said except the comment about Brady. You see slow and old, I see sly, calculated and experienced. My bankroll has not prospered over the years betting against Brady, Hoodie and NE. I either bet on NE or stay away and am better for it!



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Wholeheartedly agree with everything you said Randy but we aren’t talking about the past when it comes to Brady, that is undisputable, but when we look at the present Brady he just looks old and slow and with last years playoff loss still haunting KC they have an opportunity to redeem themselves with a young prolific QB who I believe will outplay Brady today. Bol on your plays as well. E.
I disagree that Saints won't be as motivated. This is their game for the number one seed if they lose they would need SF to lose basically twice since they would have the tie breaker. I fully expect a great effort by Saints today. I'm not playing either side just going to watch what should be awesome game.


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Andy Reid as usual is unprepared for the Hoodies special teams but gets it done nonetheless. The 49ers game was a masterpiece but I must confess I thought it might play to an under when I handicapped it, luckily didn’t play it, read someone’s post about Carolina possibly folding, think he was right, I’ll take the 3-0. Love a play on the night game......

Rams pick em 1st half only 4*

Actually like the Seahawks in this game but will play these Rams in the 1st half expecting them to come out fired up for the home crowd trying to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, and as long as they don’t turn it over I expect them to lead at the half, but I’m not sure they will be able to stop Russell Wilson in the second half where he does his best work. Play Rams 1st half. E.