NFL Sunday


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Great day of college football on sat...can't believe Bama came back and won. Kept thinking about toebaber.

NYG +3.5
TB -3
LAR/GB under 46.5



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An aesthetic judgement from POIZIN today, how nice 😁. I'm not sure I'm qualified to judge the relative "beauty" of your plays, I guess I'm more a a Minimalist when it comes to these things: strip everything down to its essential quality, ie: does it win?

Hope it's a great day! I believe Coachlid likes that LAR under this afternoon. I'll have to tail you guys.


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Thx guys...2-1. under was def not the play.


Cleveland +3...line just screams for balty. Just seems to easy. Think browns win su but always take points. pissed at 365. No more free bets for me BC I opted out of casino. They think I'm an addict BC I opted out. I told them that I don't play online casino but yep banned for life from any free plays. So moving to coolbet for good :mad:

Oh and this was after they asked me to review my gambling prefereces
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