NFL Week #2


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After yesterday's games, there are 3 teams with playoff aspirations that really need to to get the boat straightened quickly.

Green Bay has a home game against Detroit and then they go on the road against against San Francisco. They better beat Detroit

Cleveland has a home game against Houston and then they go on the road to Chicago. They don't want to be 0-2 going there.

New England goes on the road to play the Jets and then has a home game against New Orleans. After what the Saints did to GB, NE better not be 0-2 going into that game.

Certainly calling a week 2 game of a 17 game season a must win is probably a stretch. However, teams do look at schedules and realize that certain games carry more relevance depending on upcoming opponents.

It's generally accepted that the Jets, the Lions and the Texans are 3 of the worst teams in the league. Two of them are facing a playoff team afterna loss in their home opener whole the other has a rookie QB going against Belichek..

I will be all over a money line 3 team parlay with GB, Cleveland and NE as soon as ML are posted


ML is probably the way to go on GB as 11 is a lot in a division game. Chargers laying only three at home is attractive versus Dallas. Logic works for Cleve and NE as they both played well, but lost.