NHL Finals Game 2 ( Wed)


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Monday +.7* total to date +5.07*
If it wasnt for fluke goals (puck bouncing off skates and a muffed catch by defense in front of net) the score in game 1 would not have reached 5. T Bay limited Montreal to 19 shots. T Bay exhibited a relentless defense especially back checking and except for a couple Habs spurts, controlled the puck throughout. Montreal tried to intimidate with rough play but T Bay hit back as the hits were almost even with a total over 100. It's really crappy that Montreal repeatedly attempted to injure Bolts top scorer Kucherov with hits, slashes and one especially dirty play of slashing the back of the legs. I personally do not see "what Montreal can do different" as they were definitely dominated in Game 1. But its' the SC playoffs and Montreal is in it for the first time in 28 years......so stuff can happen and game 2's typically see a bounceback. But I like my series bets and will wager in a similar manner for game 2 on Bolts home ice.
T Bay ML (.5*) Risking less than 1/4 of Playoff earnings to date
T Bay PL -1.5 goals (.5*)
Under 5 (.5*)