NHL Playoffs Game 4 Monday


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Dropped 1.0* in game 3, Playoffs to date posted +6.22
Strong History of sweeps in game 4. T Bay may wish they could go to a game 5 in front of 13000 fans; Does Montreal have anything left besides pride.
T Bay and especially goalie Vasilevskiy have just too much talent compared to Montreal.
I have in play
T Bay in 4 games .25* +500
T BAy in 5 games .25* +350
T BAy series win .5* +250
T Bay series win 1.0* +100
Small offset /hedge Montreal .5* +375
Tonight T Bay -165 (1.0*)
Over 5 -145 ( .5*)
T Bay in Regulation NO OT -115 (1.0)

Montreal has no reason to play tight and unless both goalies change form, especially Price who will be left unprotected a lot, see T BAy pulling away and winning in Regulation
I could be wrong but I have enough series wagers to show a huge profit even if T Bay loses Game 4
If anyone may have caught some of my better picks, send some good Karma because if T BAy sweeps, it will be a significant boost to my bankroll