Olympic: Good Karma once again!

The Radster

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Once again this first class operation proves itself worthy of Everyedge sponsorship.

I Emailed support at the Greek.com and notified them of a time error with a Premiership Soccer Match today. They had it starting at 9am when in fact it started at 2pm (Jamaican time).

They adjusted the game time, and thanked me (Wally).

Just for a laugh I mentioned "Feel Free to Credit my Account with a bonus amount :) :) ", just really as a light hearted reply.

..but lo and behold they did deposit a little something to my account.

Two lessons:

1) Ask and ye shall receive
2) Olympic is a first class operation

Thanks Wally if you're reading this.


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they have done this for me also.
the had det red wings at home + in each period
like + 240 or so.
they where playing the ducks.
he said people had bet the wings all night
he thanked me and gave some $ to my account.



Are they out of Jamaica? I have heard to avoid Jamaican books. One bad experience is with English Sports. They only let you cash $1000 a week and charge exhorbitant fees to send the check. Any comments please?

The Radster

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Yes Moreon they are out of Jamaica. They are a sponsor here, so they are solid. Someone else will have to comment on cashing out as I have no experience with that anywhere, :(