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Could use some rotation help

If you have three games that you feel really strong about, what is the best way to bet them to maximize your profits?

a 3 team parlay, then also each of them separatly?
what percentage for each?

I feel equally as good for all three picks, how should i bet them

your help is appreciated


PS The picks are Phoenix +3.5.....Seattle +2 and CHIC/LA CLIPPER UNDER 193


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I was thinking of rotating two team parlays

ex GAME A B and C

AB x $20 (wager)= $52
AC x $20 (wager)= $52
BC x $20 (wager)= $52

If I hit 3 of 3 I make $156
If I hit 2 of 3 I make $12 (covering my ass)

0 for 3?? lets not even talk about it!!!!!!


Bobby C

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Not what you want to hear, but:

Flat bets, one unit each. No parlays, no round-robins, nothing fancy. Straight bets only.