Sat Div games


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Was able to make up a little ground last weekend to close to within -2* down over the season. Can we flip this to the black, I believe we can................

LAR/GB over 45.5 - 4* and GB -6.5 - 1* You have a team who is the #1 scoring offense. The other is a D stronghold. So why the over IMO? The pack has only been held under 22 one time all season. That was against Minny back on Nov 1 in a close 28-22 loss. They have faced some decent D's in Chi twice, Tenn, Indy and SF over the stretch. Now can LAR put up some points to get us over? I believe they can, but this depends on Goeff having some pass success. He seemed to not be too effected in limited action since the thumb injury. And the LAR D has some weakness hidden here. They have only kept 3 games under 20 down the stretch and that was NE, Sea one out of 3 games this year and a hurting Arz team to get in. Donald says he feels great but anyone who ever has broken a rib know this is BS once you start moving and taking hits. I like this to go over 50 and believe GB has the upper hand against the Rams D with speed and RPO like only Rogers can execute.

Balt/Buf under 49.5 - 1*
Everything I can dig up on this one ends on as close a matchup as we will see all weekend. I think you will see a shored up D line that stops Jacksons leg game and forces him to beat #21, #23 and #27 in the secondary. Buf bringing up Williams to replace Moss will allow Allen more room to operate, especially if he runs like he did against Mia in week 17. Let these 2 D's play chess and this stays under. I may tickle the side if it stays at Buf -2.5, but not wanting to post this up.


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Great read on the totals Buff and congrats on your Bills they put it all together last night and will be a handful next week !!