Soccer - 2 Yellow Card rule - Need clarification

The Radster

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I see Ballack is out for Germany for the Final, based on a yellow card from a previous game, and one from today's game.

Anyone know just how many games these yellow cards carry over for? Is it just one game, or is it for the entire tournament, or just for the games played after the group stage?

Perhaps a pointer to the Fifa Soccer rules would help?

Also, during regular league play, how many games, let's say in the Premiership in England, or Serie A in Italy, does a yellow card carry forward? When is the slate wiped clean?

BigEd, Matthias? Any rules officianados out there?



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Radster, I believe it only carries over one game then the slate is clear. Sort of a BS rule. The way the cards have been flying at this cup is ridiculous........PM

The Radster

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Actually I think it carries over more than one game, someone said here at work, that for the group games a yellow card in game one can carry all the way through to game 3.

The slate is then wiped clean for the knockout stages of the World Cup.

But.. if you now get a yellow card in the round of 16, this will carry through all the way to the final game, so if you now get a yellow card in the semi's as Ballack did, you are toast for the Final.

Lots of cards in this tournament, you're right.


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Hi Radster;
Your guy from work has it bang on. You can only get one during the group games, then you can only get one the rest of the way.
As for Serie A. The yellow carries on all season. As soon as you get your second yellow, you are automatically suspended the next game.

The Radster

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thanks Pye, that's what I suspected.

Was trying to find the rules published somewhere on a Fifa sponsored web site, but no luck yet.