Stanley Cup Game 6


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It's almost incredulous that T Bay did not win G 5 in the 1st OT when they held Dallas without a shot on net for the first 15 mins.
But here we are......
My opinion is once again that T Bay is the better team and will win tonight. ( they havent lost 2 in a row the entire playoff.....which means nothing LOL)
However, if they do not win tonight......... Dallas will take game 7. And my huge series wager goes down. Yuch
Playing tonight TBay, Tbay over 2' goals and some chump change on the OVER and the puck line.

Old Dart

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Hope you’re enjoying this one, Ohara! Nice win. Now go get yourself a hat and a t-shirt - Stanley Cup Champs!!


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A hat and t shirt are in my future , and have a few playoff dollars to spare
Hope all enjoyed and cashed a few tickets too