Stanley Cup Round 2


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Had a real nice SC round 1 with a plus +9*
This was greatly helped with a nice +2.05* on Saturday and my Rd 1 Series picks went 3-1 for +1.3* Below is my Series and SC post from May2

May 2, 2022

Round 1 Series
Carolina -120 ( 1unit)
NYR -115 (1.5 unit)
Minn -145 (1.5unit)
TBay -110 (1unit)
To win SC
TBay+1100 (.3 unit)
Minn+1600 (.3unit)
Colorado +300 (.75 unit)
Calgary +700 (.5 unit)

I still have 3 teams in the running for the Championship Cup.
For round two
I see Colorado moving on but at -420 that’s unplayable
I believe Calgary will eliminate Edm as they have more depth and wont be facing a defensive team like Dallas proved to be
The remaining two are tough ones
T Bay has some injuries that concern me, namely Braydon Point and there is something wrong with Kucherov. Vasilevsky did not have a strong series vs Toronto. Again we have the will of the Champs that may overcome and the +140 is tempting
I was not that impressed with Carolina but there are some definite negs to the NYR 5 on 5 play. But momentum is a great thing in the SC and NYR should have that. Not sure what to do here but the Plus +170 is also tempting.

Any thought are always appreciated before I pull the trigger on any of these.
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Likely, COL will advance, but I may throw a STL “Hail Mary” at +320. Binnington has looked sharp since taking over for Husso, and has a Cup to his credit. If he finds that form from 3 years ago, he could steal this. I don’t think much of either Avs goalie, I think they’ve benefited greatly from the offense’s firepower.

I like the Rangers here, quite simply, because I think Shesterkin is immensely better than Raanta. PIT is loaded offensively, and NYR took a ton of stupid penalties in series. If they can stay out of the box, I think the momentum of coming from 3-1 down, along with Igor, carries them to Conference Finals.

TB/FLA is a toss-up, gonna take that series on a game-by-game basis. Gun to head, I’d go Bolts. Vasilevskiy > Bobrovsky, they’re the two-time defending champs, and the curse of the President’s Trophy! Good luck.


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I agree Avs should win that series but not as easily as they did vs Preds. Blues may give them all they can handle, lots of experience and if Binnington does indeed have it back they will be tough.

I actually like Carolina and Shesterkin hasnt shown me that form he did from reg season. Not yet anyways

I like Fla, if they can beat a battle tested caps team in 6 they should be ready for TB, esp since they will possibly be without Point for who knows how long

Battle of Alberta is now battle of Canada, not that it really makes this bigger than it is. This is the toughest one for me but I think Calgary has the grit to get by here