Super Bowl LVI


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It is hard to believe that the Super Bowl is here already...It seems like yesterday it was the first week of the season...I am posting one play now and I may add a play on the total closer to kick off...I am hoping JP raises the total a little...

Rams-4.5 5*****

I have looked all week at both sides of this game...I was leaning Cincinnati in the beginning...The more I looked at the game I just think the Rams win and cover. Cincinnati's offensive line is the weak link for them and the Rams front seven are among the best in the league..If the Rams get early pressure just blitzing their front four that allows them to drop seven in coverage...They can have Ramsey play Chase one on one or have Ramsey watch either Higgins or Boyd and have the other side double Chase..I just don't think Burrows is going to have a lot of time to make big plays happen....On the other side of the ball I think we see McVay slow the game down a little and be methodical with his offense...The key to the Rams winning on offense is Stafford not turning the ball over and being efficient....

I wish everyone BOL today...I am going to wait to see if the total moves...If I take anything I will post the play.


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Gl GD I like your take except I’m not so sure blitzes are going to be the way to go for Rams as Burrow leads the league in percentages on beating the blitz with completions, stay in coverage and rely on your best asset to put enough pressure on Burrow that the blitz is not necessary


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Hear that E. If the Rams blitz it will be a mistake. Course Stafford can beat the blitz too but Cincy does not blitz more than like 19-20%


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I should of just said getting pressure with their front four. I completely get what you are saying elite.