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Labo(u)r Day is music to my ears. Hi neighbors!

Although it signals an end to the "Crazy, Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer" ... the labour day weekend ushers in my favorite time of year. The sounds of children back frolicking in the school grounds, geese honking overhead and rowdy football fans are some of my favorite sounds this time of year. It brings back all of the good times for me...and yes I have children. If you listen close enough this weekend at tiny Taylor Field, you will also hear/see rowdy children, goosing & frolicking and honking football fans.

With the NFL schedule pushed back one week, all of us football-crazed fans across the continent will be able to enjoy two premium weekends in a row.

This is a weekend to ignore life's toil, a time to embrace life itself and those around you, a time to let your hair down and get your hand in the cookie jar. Have a fun and safe weekend!


Friday Sept. 3rd Montreal -8 @ Ottawa O/U 51.5 ...doo doo doo ... "Lookin' Out My Back Door" ... with my trusty camcorder of course!

Sunday Sept. 5th Winnipeg @ Sask -7 O/U 56 Theme from "Deliverance"

Monday Sept. 6th Edmonton -7 @ Calgary O/U 55 "Alberta Bound"

Monday Sept. 6th Toronto -5 @ Hamilton O/U 50 "On The Road Again"

***Some 2004 Trends:***

Montreal are 8-2 ats with 2 overs and 8 unders.
Ottawa have 7 overs and 3 unders.

Winnipeg are 3-7 ats with 4 overs and 6 unders.
Sask. has 3 overs and 7 unders.

Edmonton are 4-1 su and ats at home this year.
Edmonton are 1-4 ats on the road, averaging 15 points for per game and 30 against.
Calgary have 6 overs and 4 unders.

Toronto have 2 overs and 8 unders.
Hamilton have 3 overs and 7 unders.

<Montreal 9-1 @ Ottawa 4-6>

This is the first "Labour Day Classic" between these two teams since the Renegades came back into existence.

Ottawa draws the short straw this week. They will play with four days rest. By the looks of it, their secondary could use fourty days and fourty nights after getting harpooned in Edmonton 57-16.

Montreal will play their second consecutive road game. As the crow flies, Ottawa is less than one hundred miles from Montreal and is Moreal's prefered destination on November 21st (GC)....the next best thing to their own back yard.

In their two previous two game road trips of 2004, the second road game of each trip ended up going under the total. On their first trip, Montreal beat Toronto 19-9 in week three. On their second trip, Montreal lost to BC 32-9 in week 7. Ottawa does not qualify in the same defensive universe with BC or Toronto, so I expect a total over 50.

The line in the previous three Montreal/Ottawa contests ranged between 8 and 13 points with Montreal being the favorite in all three contests.

Ottawa hosted Montreal in 2003 as an 8 point dog and won straight up 43 to 38.

In their 2004 week 4 contest, Montreal trounced Ottawa 46-22 in Montreal. It was the Autry Denson show as he rushed 21 times for 104 yards and three TD's and caught another for a TD.

Montreal led 39-8 after three quarters. That was the only game where Montreal backup QB Ted White saw action. I hope that isn't a forshadowing. The CFL has had it's share of QB injuries this season.

Montreal sacked Kerry Joseph 7 times in that game. Calvillo was 18 for 31 passing for 316 yards and two touchdowns. His main recipients were Ben Cahoon and Thyron Anderson with 13 catches for 251 yards between them.

On a humorous note ...Moreal HC Don Matthew was relating an NFL reference to their "spygate experience" to the media recently. he said something towards "In the NFL ... when the camera zoomed onto a coach on the opposite sideline, if he was picking his nose, they could tell you what was coming out."

Thanks for that nugget Don!

I see no idea why Montreal won't have another solid day on the statistical ledger and scoreboard. I may have under-estimated the line on the game. Montreal will probably be a double digit favorite after the latest Ottawa debacle on Edmonton.

They are an even better team than they were in the last two years.

INJURY Montreal DL Mark Megna (knee) OUT

<Winnipeg 3-7 @ Saskatchewan 4-6>

Words just can't describe how much these two teams love each other. Swear words can.

What else would 5000+ homesick "Manitobogans" be doing in Saskatchewan in September except experiencing the culture they can only find at Taylor Field. This year Winnipeg fans will get to reciprocate in their own intimate style in a mere seven days at Canad Inns Stadium in the 'Peg.

Winnipeg are 1-5 ats and 2-4 su in Saskatchewan in the last six LDC's from 1998 to 2003. Winnipeg partied on and off the field last year clobbering their prairie cousins 36-18 as Charles Roberts ran roughshod with 167 all purpose yards against the 'Ridden. The last three games in Saskatchewan saw a total of at least 52 points scored. The two rosters have remained fairly consistent in those games as far as offences go. The defenses have changed somewhat, but not for the better.

The Riders had the last laugh in 2003 winning the western semi-final in Winnipeg.

This year in week #4, Winnipeg handed Sask. a 32-15 loss on yet another rainy day in Winnipeg in 2004. The game featured 9 turnovers not including on downs. There were 8 fumbles in the contest, with 5 by the Riders who own the second worst +/- ratio in the CFL next to Hamilton.

Roberts had his usual 110 yard game against the Riders and will be the key guy to stop on Sunday as the Bombers have a ridiculously good record when he rushes for over a hunspot.

Kenton Keith was no slouch for the Roughies with 87 yards on 13 carries.

There are several players on these two squads thay have not endeared themselves to their opponents and even a few who have .... There will be a bunch of jaw jackin' goin' down!

Jim Daley (current WPG coach) was a HC in Sask. as well as an assistant for several years.

WPG Punter Jon Ryan punted for several with the Regina Rams of the CIS and the PJFC. He knows the conditions at Taylor Field all too well.

Sask. DE David Benefield played and starred several years in the 'Peg.

WPG P/K Troy Westwood was the midget moron who precipitated the whole "Banjo Bowl" theory and is absolutely adored by the Rider legion.

Yea ... right!

Last but not least:

WPG QB Kevin Glenn was the backup and heir apparent to Nealon Greene in 2003 before the Riders improbable playoff run and Glenn's subsequent promotion to backup in Winnipeg, giving Rider HC DB his way and opening the door for current Rider QB Henry Burris.

I expect Glenn to start the game. If he doesn't start, look for him to replace Khari Jones who will be on a short leash. Arf!

***Winnipeg will likely have a big advantage in the kicking and punting games this week if Rider p/k Paul McCallum can't go. He separated his shoulder in week #10.***

The Jolly Green Giants are coming off of their bye week will be lookin' to eat corn through a picket fence after the berating GM and aging rasta gangsta Roy Shivers gave them after the most recent loss in Edmonton before the bye. Yo Pat!

This is a huge h/h series.

Note to both teams:

Win both games or next year country!

I have no strong feelings yet on the outcome of this game.

Food for thought:

***Winnipeg's portly fullback Wade Miller stated Winnipeg would win the contest on Sunday.***

<Edmonton 5-5 @ Calgary 2-8>

This game is also the first of a H/H series.

After annihilating Ottawa in running up the score style, Edmonton will look forward to beating up on their little brother from Cowtown.

It will be a great opportunity for them to gain some ground on idle BC who has the bye this week.

The Stamps offence was mauled by a fierce Hamilton defense in week # 11 by a score of 26 -7. The Stamp defence played competetive ball for the most part. Calgary spotted Hamilton 14 points and could not recover with Tommy Jones who was pressured repeatedly and sacked 3 times. The game turned out to be a dud as the teams punted a total of 22 times.

Calgary could not establish the run. With an injured pivot at the helm, the screen pass did not work either. Calgary completed only 13 passes and rushed for 44 yards.

WTF Matt? Quit flogging a dead horse!

Your defense played good enough to win. Even the spotty Hamilton kickers gave you a chance.

Put Crandell back in. Jones is not the answer in your new offense; maybe he could survive in the run and gun after a few seasons of losing.

Crandell at least; has these stats against Edmonton in his career:
127/226 1767 yards 13 TD's 8 Int's

Don't lose the great fans you have.


The good news for Calgary is: Edmonton is 1-4 su on the road, scoring a paltry 15 points per game. Edmonton only rushes for 69.8 yards per game ...not much better than Cowtowns 44.5/game.

I expect expect plenty of passing even if both defenses give up 100 or more yards/ game on the ground.

Calgary will need to stop the run on first down and blitz the hell out of Jason Mass in order to hog tie the potent Schmoe offense.

Most of us saw the Calgary team give BC a go around in week # 10. Nothing less than that performance will be required here in order to stay in the game.

Calgary P/K Charlie Hebert will need another big game to prevent Edmonton from getting good field position.

If Calgary looses this one and I think they will ... there could be a lynching after week #13 or sooner.

I just can't back the Cowbums even if Edmonton plays so poorly on the road.

<Toronto 6-4 @ Hamilton 5-5>

"If the house is a rockin', don't bother knockin .... come on in!"

...too late .... the joint is already sold out.

Hamilton has been Tronna's bitch for the last 6 games.

The last 3 games between these two have failed to climb over 40 points.

***The Argonauts are playing their second game of a 4 game road trip with a bye week sandwiched in the middle.*** After the bye, they cruise off to the balmy prairies to play in Winnipeg and then Edmonton.

Toronto have only 4 wins in their last 15 road games in 2003/2004.

Two of those road wins were in Hamilton.

Hamilton is pumped after beating the hapless Stamps, but they have a damn tough schedule remaining.

They have a division record of 1-2 and have to play 5 more games against their own division including two games against Toronto H/A and one in Montreal.

One should be able to get some good +Home DOG points for this contest if their so inclined. I'm not sure Hamilton can handle the physical Argo defence though.

Toronto has aquired NFL castoff Andre Rison in hopes of shoring up their depleted recieveing corps. After an INJURY to reciever and replacement kick returner Tony Miles in the BC game, Rison might be forced to start.

I lean to the under here although the linemaker is getting very tight with some of his totals.

Toronto have scored at least 19 points in each of the last 6 wins over Hamilton.

Hamilton has only scored a total of 31 points against Toronto in the last three games between these two.

Toronto are 18-2 su and 15-5 ats as an 8+ point fav. I don't think the line will reach -8.

Hamilton are 2-1 ats and su as an 8+ point dog in 2004, losing at home to Montreal and beating BC and Ottawa on the road.

Hamilton is only one game behind Toronto in the race for second place behind uncatchable Moreal.

Good luck people!
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I hate Labour Day weekends... it means the summer is over and winter is around the corner... poopy Canada ;-/


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Line on Toronto @ Hamilton.

The total is low again for a Tronna game. It is at 45.5. Sooner or later, one of the games will go over that total.

***If you can believe it ... the game is a PICKEM!***

Toronto has owned the Ticats .... winning the last six games between the two.

I'm shocked!

Take Toronto at that price. WOW!


Hamilton started the season surpising three west division opponents who obviously underestimated Hamilton's improvement in the offseason.

BC and Winnpeg ... as it turned out started out with troubled secondary's. Calgary was an unknown quantity with all of the changes in their organization.

Then the losses started as teams adjusted to their pass only offense. When the interceptions started, Hamilton faltered.

Hamilton lost 5 games in a row Moreal, Edmo, Sask, Tronna and BC who together assemble most of the have teams in the league.

Hamilton may have beaten two of the weaker teams in the last two weeks (Ottawa and Calgary) but they have improved in several areas including defense and rushing the ball. The running game has eased the pressure on QB Danny McManus and the turnovers have dwindled in the process.

Granted: Toronto struggle away from the Dome. It is always tough to win on the road.

Toronto have basically a rookie QB at the helm and he was exposed in BC.

This game is only 50 miles away from home for Toronto as the crow flies.

Hamilton and Toronto are fierce rivals.

I recognize that Hamilton is a much improved team from their 2003 record of 1-17.

The bottom line for me is that the teams that Hamilton beat have a combined w/l record of 16-24.

The teams that they lost to have a combined record of 31-18.

I like Toronto here at pickem.
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1 more thing.

I was working on a h/a power rating system for fun last week and came up with this today:

Montreal to win by 12
Sask. to win by 4
Edmonton to win by 6
Toronto to win by 2

Don't get to I have 11 categories, two fingers and a thumb.

Montreal's performance and Ottawa's brutal secondary are the reason for that high number.

Saskatchewan have good stats on offence, but their defensive numbers have slipped. Winnipeg has improved after faltering under Dave Ritchie. There defense has solidified somewhat and their kicking game and special teams have saved their bacon in this assesment even if they struggle in the redzone.

Edmonton's poor defensive road stats brought this number down to 6. At least that is my assesment.

Toronto's brutal offensive display this season kept this number close.

Good luck............G!
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Active member U doin??

...gone to Canadian Junk(Tire) to get your snow chevelle?

Lines @ Oly ... Totals have changed already.

Mtl -9.5 @ Ottawa O/U 50.5 now 51.5
Wpg @ Sask -7 O/U 54.5 now 54
Edmo -9 @ Calg O/U 55 now 55.5
Tor @ Ham pickem O/U 45.5 now 45


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This Labour Day weekend we will have:
2 games East vs East and 2 games West vs West.
So far this season:

East vs East : 8 games --- o/u = 2/6

Wins: Fav/Dog won at 6/2 --- Home/Road are 4/4

2 Road dog
2 Road fav
4 Home fav
0 Home dog

West vs West : 13 games --- o/u = 7/6

Wins: Fav/ Dog won at 5/8 --- Home/Road are 7/6

5 Road dog
1 Road fav
4 Home fav
3 Home dog

I will wait on Ontario PL numbers to make some pick.

*** In the East : fav. and under looks good so far.
*** In the West : dog

Phil Margonis

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Sask -7 is my best play this week. I just layed 2.5 units down on them. I will also look to parlay Sask ML with some other stuff.

Thanks as always for the great write-ups tinman. Your hard work is much appreciated.

ps. Any word on Crandell? Will he get the start this week? Thanks.


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Hi Phil.

...just read this PM that Crandell returned home because his father passed away.

No details on his returns. Condolences to Marcus.

Good luck with your plays.

BTW Tronna is now a -1.5 fav.

Double B

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My book hasn't put up lines yet but it will be hard to pass up a play on Calgary if they are getting close to double digits. A big home dog in what will be their most important game the rest of the season sounds good to me.
As crappy as the Stamps were last year they were able to step up and beat the Esks at home on Labour Day.
Plus Edmonton has been lousy on the road this season, going 1-4 SU and ATS.
I will probably make this a play as long as the line is 7 or more.


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tin, you're too much :D Troy Westwood is an idiot, and the last person I would listen to is Wade Miller, in fact I don't know how he is still in the league. I think Glenn will start, Jones has tendonitis in his throwing arm along with a couple of bruised fingers. I see a split between these 2 games, Sask win's on Labor Day and the Bomber's win the Banjo Bowl. Tin are coming down for that game?

Jimmy Fingers

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thanks for the weekly edition Tin

I like Tor at a pick, but that may be a little bit of a homer play,
labour day meeting between these 2 teams can do that to a person. But i just don't see danny mac putting those kind of numbers he's has the last 2 weeks on T.O's D

BOL this week guys

Loco D

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Oops, sorry, Tin... I saw that you already saw the opening lines and figured that you woulda posted 'em... so didn't think I needed to post 'em

Loco D

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Oh, and no, I don't use the shovel very much... I get around in a snowmobile, so don't need to clear the snow off :)


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Just a regular play for me. Not on Oly.

Someone hammered it. I know a few that would. I was convinced that Toronto would be at least a 3 point favorite. I still need to see who Toronto puts out for recievers. Miles was injured in the BC game.

Stats of note: Toronto beat Hamilton su 6 times in the last 6 games. In those 6 games, Toronto intercepted Danny McManus 13 times for 144 yards and a TD.

These two teams have also played 4 preseason games in the last two years. Toronto won all four of those.

Ten games x revenge or same old, sameold?


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Jimmy ...I am having the same trouble with the Sask. homer play ....I know what you mean. Good luck with your plays.

AHF I won't be coming down, but I would love to. I am just finishing up holidays before the busy season starts. My mother had some heart bypass surgery early this a.m. and came out of it real well according to the doctors assesment. I won't be able to see her until later this evening. My dad starts his second cancer treatment next week and is doing ok so far. My oldest is taking a year off before going to university and my son started grade 11 yesterday. My plate is full right now. I'll try to make it down for next years game if things are smoother. I'd like that. Take care!

Double B got 9, I expect it to hit 10 and I hope the team puts up a good fight. I read that Crandell could start although his father passed away very recently. Good luck with your play.

Boss ...thanks for contributing! That is solid information. Good luck this week! The dogs have been barking in the west this year.

Phil Margonis

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Esks Bolster the D-line

EDMONTON (CP) - The Edmonton Eskimos acquired non-import defensive tackle Clinton Wayne and non-import defensive end Patrick Kabongo from the Ottawa Renegades on Monday in exchange for Edmonton's first- and second-round selections in the 2005 CFL Canadian college draft and the CFL rights to Korey Banks, a defensive back from Mississippi State.

A four-year CFL veteran, Wayne has spent the last three seasons with Ottawa. Drafted by Calgary in the 2000 (3rd round, 21st overall), the Toronto native appeared in 10 games for the Stampeders in 2001.He was selected by the Renegades in the 2002 CFL expansion draft.

The Ohio State product has appeared in 54 games over the past three seasons. In 2003, Wayne posted a career high 30 defensive tackles. Wayne's older brother Patrick played 117 games for the Ottawa Rough Riders (1987u1992, 1994).

Kabongo was a two-year starter at the University of Nebraska before being signed as an undrafted free agent in April 2004 by the NFL's Detroit Lions. He was released during training camp that year and then signed with Ottawa and was added to the practice roster. Born in Kinshasa, Zaire, in 1979, Kabongo's family moved to Montreal when he was four years old.

Phil Margonis

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Stamps sign Canadian QB Denison

Canadian Press


The Calgary Stampeders are giving Canadian quarterback Tom Denison a second chance.

The Stampeders signed the Hec Crighton Trophy winner Tuesday to be their third quarterback. Denison attended the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' training camp earlier this year and auditioned for their No. 3 spot, completing 4-of-6 passes for 46 yards against Calgary in a pre-season game before being released.

Denison practised with the Stampeders on Tuesday and could be in uniform come Labour Day against the Edmonton Eskimos.

Darren Gill, Denison's agent, was very pleased with the move.

``If there was one place I could sent Tommy it would be Calgary,'' Gill said. ``Matt Dunigan (the Stampeders head coach and GM and a former CFL star quarterback) understand quarterbacks and where they have to be and personally I think both he and Tommy are cut from the same mold.''

Dunigan also has some first-hand knowledge of Denison, spending time throwing with him last year when Denison was at Queen's University. Still, Denison had started looking at putting his playing career on the back burner this year and was preparing to move up to Ottawa and coach a high school team there before getting the call from Gill.

Denison seemingly faces an uphill battle in sticking with Calgary. While the Stampeders have the CFL's worst record (2-8), their need for another quarterback stems from veteran Marcus Crandell requiring a leave from football following the death last week of his father. When Crandell returns, the club will have four quarterbacks - one over the league limit - and given Crandell and rookies Tommy Jones and Michael Souza have been with the CFL team since the start of camp, Denison, 25, has plenty of ground to cover in a short period of time.

``Tommy has the talent, ability and attitude,'' Gill said. ``Now, it's his turn.

``All he needs is an opportunity.''

After winning the 2002 Hec Crighton, Denison went to a CFL combine before working out for both the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He was bypassed in the league's 2002 Canadian college draft, giving Denison the freedom to sign with any CFL club.

Canadian-born quarterbacks in the CFL have been a rarity. The last Canuck to start a CFL game was Hamilton native Larry Jusdanis in 1995 with the Tiger-Cats.

The six-foot-one, 200-pound Denison enjoyed a banner college career, twice winning the Hec Crighton Trophy as Canadian university football's outstanding player. The native of Beamsville, Ont., became just the second player to win consecutive Hec Crighton awards. Saint Mary's Huskies quarterback Chris Flynn won three straight from 1988 through 1990.

Denison threw for 2,907 yards last year, the second-highest total in Canadian university football history. He set the record of 3,001 yards in 2002.

Denison, 25, posted a record 203 completions in 2003, along with a sparkling 64.9 per cent completion percentage. He also had 24 TD strikes and guided Queen's to a 7-0-0-1 record