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***The lines are only estimates in these previews***

Friday Sept. 10 Calgary (3-8) @ Edmonton (6-5) -13 O/U 54 "Fab Five, four quarters, three days rest, two bitter rivals, one more time, no Maas!

The Stamps will be climbing into the ring at Commy Stadium with rubbery legs ..... a place where the Schmoes have pummelled their last four victims to the tune of 180-77 after losing their home opener to BC 41-34.


Edmonton quarterback Jason Maas has completed just under seventy percent of his passes this season.

Each of these FAB FIVE recievers has caught at least thirty passes. Between them, they have caught 178 passes for 18 touchdowns in 2004.

Pick your poison Mr. Dunnigan.

Note to Mr. Feterik: Sell the damn team already. You are making a disgrace of a once proud organization and a very proud league.

This is a rematch of the week #12 LDCgame. Edmonton won the game in Calgary, 25-7. The Calgary defence fought hard for three quarters, but were unable to prop up their befuddled offense.

Edmonton was able to move the ball on offense enough to sustain drives, creating advantageous field position. Their defense, although not spectacular, parlayed that field position into turnovers. The turnovers were a result of Calgary's inability to run the football, putting their offence in second and long passing situations. Tommy Jones quickly lost his confidence after throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

Marcus Crandell was clearly unprepared to back up Jones when the occaision finally arose. The Stamps folded in the fourth quarter and their fans exited en masse.

No more! Throw in the towel.

Edmonton is clearly the better team here.

They are 16-4 su and 14-5-1 ats at home in their last 20 contests. Three losses and ats losses were to Montreal, one in the 2002 Grey cup. The other su loss was to BC this year.

Edmonton QB Jason Maas left the game and was relieved by Bart Hendricks. It is unclear whether he was relieved because of re-injury or to prevent further injury. I suspect a little of both. Maas did take several hard hits. Shoulder separations take time to heal. Doing the backstroke with a two hundred-eighty pound defensive lineman on top of you is not considered good therapy.

The line will likely be in double digits even if Maas is rested for the contest. Check for his status for the game.

This contest will be played with only three days rest for both teams.

I expect Mike Pringle to get a heavy dose of attention in this game and the ball at least 25 times as he attempts to break some CFL records this week.

The under might be worthy if the total looks too high and Maas sits this one out.

Saturday Sept. 11th BC (7-3) -7 @ Ottawa (4-7) O/U 55

"Suddenly 4-7 isn't so bad"

The 'Gades are not the only team faltering down the stretch.

The Roughriders and Bombers share the same pathetic notoriety and it looks like Hamilton will remain within striking distance at five wins, five losses and a tie. All four teams will compete for the final two playoff positions, some: not so much.

Ottawa, to their credit, played Montreal very tough. Special teams played a large part in this contest. Ottawa took advantage of Montreal's misfortune of having to use a replacement punter for the contest. WR Jason Armstead provided the Ottawa field position on returns all night long and contributed the go ahead touchdown catch early in the fourth quarter. Ottawa was unable to hold the lead. After Montreal tied the game at sixteen, a blocked punt return for a touchdown decided the game in Montreal's favor 23-16.

24,639 Ottawa fans left Frank Clair Stadium dejected.

Ottawa will now host the West Division leading BC Lions who are fresh off of a bye week.

BC is 5-0 su and 4-1 ats against the Ottawa Renegades. BC won both contests played in Ottawa:

2002 28-4
2003 48-14

In week eight, BC scored thirty unanswered second half points to defeat Ottawa 47-27.

Ottawa were victimized by the BC passing game, surrendering a total of 557 yards.

*Quarterback Kerry Joseph didn't play in the week eight contest.*

Although Ottawa has lost their last three contests, they do seem to be playing with an increased sense of urgency to begin the games. Finishing the games has been an entirely different story. I have noticed their intensity at the beginning of the last few contests.

IMO, they need to sustain longer drives, mixing up the plays and using the clock to their advantage. Whenever they get the big score on a long pass play, their defence seems to give it right back.

QB Kerry Joseph is not respected for his running ability with his injured ankle. I suspect he will require surgery and that other teams know this. Their opponents key on Josh Ranek on first down and blitz like hell on second down. The undersized Ottawa recievers have taken a beating as the season has progressed, affecting their concentration and production.

The Renegade offensive line has been a bust, as each of the three quarterbacks has missed playing time because of injury caused by poor pass protection.

BC have won six straight games with the margin of victory being at least a touchdown.

BC are 4-1 on the road.

Ottawa are 3-3 at home.

Both teams have decent rushing attacks and have had success stopping the run.

The key to this game will be how well Ottawa's pass defense can defend the potent BC passing game. Their defense has to keep the game close to give them a chance.

Montreal was a -9 to -10 fav. I dont expect this line to be higher.

Five wins and seven losses would be better. Ottawa is due.

This game will be an early start (noon) BC time. The setting sun has started to affect the games as well, giving quarterbacks and recievers glare and shadows to contend with.

Sunday Sept. 12th Hamilton (5-5-1) @ Montreal (10-1) -12 O/U 48 "The Alienator"

Don Matthews continues his ongoing verbal assault in his apparent quest to attain CFL immortality equivalent to that of the NFL's Vince Lombardi. Sorry Don ....they won't rename the Cup after you!

Besides soiling press conferences with his premeditated childish behavior, he has shown the league that he can flat out win in any way, shape or form he chooses .... and he can do it in the utmost condescending fashion.

In his secret quest, he has now started chastising the "suits" in the league. I will agree that CFL Comissioner Wright does need a fire lit under his ass.....but not for looking into unethical behavior that undermines the reputation and sanctity of the league itself.

DM also likes to drag others into his media foray's, like his listing of the top ten cliches that CFL coaches like to use in their press conferences while playing dodgeball with those asking the questions.

He is truly in a league of his own ........ Don Matthews ... a combination "Rodney Dangerfield/Littlest Hobo" heinz 57 of the CFL so to speak.

Speaking of drags...........

Hamilton will drag their battered carcasses to the house that Percival built and will now face the best defense in the league on five days rest. I wish them luck.

Montreal have been double digit favorites the last three times they have hosted Hamilton.

Look for the long Hamilton injury list for this contest as they clearly left everything on the field in their recent LDC contest with Toronto. It was a smashmouth gala that went the distance and ultimately decided nothing.

Each team recieved a mere pittance in the tie column. The single point in the W/L/T column could end up being important at the end of the season. Some one always ends up on the short end of the stick.

I'll tell you what ..... it was easily one of the most interesting games of the year that I watched! I have watched 90% of them.

Montreal appeared to come out of their week twelve contest relatively unscathed.

Hamilton will be missing several offensive/defensive linemen for the Montreal contest and that does not bode well for them.

Montreal gets win #11 in week #13.

Hamilton gets Alienated.

Sunday Sept. 12th Saskatchewan (4-7) @ Winnipeg (4-7) -6 O/U 52 "Why does my Ass hurt?"

That in a nutshell is the lingering question of the day in Riderville.

Oh Henry!

The prophecy has been fulfilled.
The wrong man was traded.
Nealon took the fall.
What to do?
Strap on your chin strap Rockie Butler.

Pick up the clip board Hank and a pencil, like you can and did in the NFL.... the one that says Da Riders.

TTD for DB:

-Find a punter ....with two arms
-Call Matt Dominguez .... offer him Pilot Butte
-Fix that safety blitz .... Stegal burned us again
-Who wants to rush the QB on second down? anyone?
-Did you call Matt yet ... throw in Pense
-See what's up with Szarka ....yeah that big pale looking fella
-Call the salon ..... Roy needs a new doo for good luck ...his carma ran over his dogma
-Ask Roy 'bout that safety blitz ...they used to do that with the Cardinals when they were in St Louis
-see whats up with KK.
-wipe that smirk off your face.

The Riders are 1-8 SU @ "the land of the blue endzones" since 1997. Wiinipeg was the favorite in each of the last 8 contests with none of the sides being more than -7.5

See ya on Friday be continued and please feel free to add!
Thx in advance!

Man ... this week/weekend went by fast........
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C U Friday!

I hope we can get some injury reports for this weeks games. I guess the CFL site took a four day break.

Phil Margonis

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Thanks for the great game previews. I appreciate the hard work that goes into them.
Also, I would have posted the injuries but like you say the CFL site took the week off apparently. I'll post the injuries if they are released.

Lines from Olympic...

Calgary Stampeders
Edmonton Eskimos -15½ 54

British Columbia Lions -7 58
Ottawa Renegades

Hamilton Tigercats
Montreal Alouettes -13 51

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Winnipeg Blue Bombers -3½ 49½

Injury Notes...

It was said during the game on Sunday that Chris Szarka will be in the line-up this week. It was also mentioned that Nealon Greene is back practicing with the club and will play in about 2 weeks.

For what it's wirth, I think I'll be making a hefty wager on SSK on the ML. The theme of the play is "fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me"


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Rider news:

First off, thanks for the lines Phil!

The CFL injury reports are awol again this week. I do have a small update from the local rag:

***RB Kenton Keith WILL NOT PLAY***

***FB Chris Szarka WILL NOT PLAY***

This basically leaves the Riders with no rushing game except for Corey Holmes. Holmes will not be able to withstand the punnishment that the hard hitting Winnipeg linebackers will dish out. LB Ryan Wicklum will not play in this game for Winnipeg, but they have plenty of LB's around came to fill in.

'Peg CB Marcus Howell will be replaced by veteran Eric Carter. That will be an upgrade.

P/K Paul McCallum of the Rider's is still nursing a shoulder separation. His punting was spotty last week and Winnipeg will have another big advantage in the special teams department on Sunday.

Sask. coach DB apparently spent some extra time with O'Henry Burris in hopes of helping him "protect the rock." Good luck to you Danno!

AHF: Sweep -500 YES

Winnipeg by 24.


Phil Margonis

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Oh sh!t. I already bet on SSK. Well I've got no cjoice now except to wager on the Bimbers to cut my losses.

Thanks for the info tinman.