This Week in the CFL #20 of 20 !!!


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This is like Bob and Doug's version of the 8 days of Christmas where it was too hard to sing the last four they just chugged beer.

Sorry for my truancy....when the weather starts changing on the prairie, my schedule becomes more erratic than the Argonauts performance in sub zero winchill.

Speaking of the team from the self-proclaimed center of the universe, good luck to John Avery who took it upon himself to lobby for Domed Stadiums for the remainder of the western division teams.

In their infinite un-wisdom, the Sky-Dome actually scheduled concert events for November 6th and 7th. I suppose .... the Argo's conveniently ignored contacting them about those dates, deferring to a weak kneed effort to reschedule the Eastern semifinal to Friday November 5th.

This bit of molestation will result in Hamilton having only 5 days rest for the Eastern semifinal. The winner will then have an extra two days to prepare for the Eastern final.

Surprised? Not me, I think the Argo owners are losing their a$$e$, not that they can't afford the write-off ... nudge nudge wink wink.

I expect the lines this week to be no less than bizarre.

Estimated lines:

Thursday Oct. 28th Montreal @ Toronto -3 O/U 50 "Anti Climactic Bowl"

Friday Oct. 29th Calgary @ Winnipeg -6 O/U 54 "Trading Places Bowl"

Saturday Oct. 30th Hamilton @ Ottawa Pkem O/U 55 "Dry Run Bowl"

Saturday Oct. 30th Sask. @ BC Pkem O/U 56 "Banish Edmonton Bowl"

BRB....loading scotch

Moreal @ Tronna

In the news ... Don Matthew's became a Canadian citizen. In the weather, Don Mattews bought snow tires for his Harley... after reading the Farmers Almanac. In sports, this game amounts to wishfull thinking for the schedule-maker.

I expect Toronto to win here as the Als will replace Calvillo and Cahoon with Ted White and Mary Tyler Moore in the second half.

Cowtown @ Winterpeg

This contest will be an interesting post trade confrontation between two west division also-rans...but don't tell them that as it will be easily the most physical game of the week.

Khari Jones will be wearing red this time, matching the color of the whites of Joe Fleming's eyes.

Defer to AHF's column for the juicy details ...and thanks in advance Tim!

Steeltown @ Grenades

Take it to the Banks (Brad)

Do not expect Hamilton to brandish any tempered weapons in this one as they will be playing in Tronna 6 days hence in the East Semifinal.

Lean to Ottawa ... who play their version of the Grey Cup game as a dry run for the real deal that takes place on November 21st. Ottawa won't be in that game. I expect the team will have to dole out several thousand tickets to simulate the GC event.

This could be the Ottawa finale for Eric Tillman and Joe Paopao.

Men in Green Tights @ Lotusland

Ahhh....finally a meaninful game ... er ... not so fast ... this game is only important to the Riders, who stand to gain a home field playoff date if they can win their 6th consecutive game ... that must be a typo.

I expect BC to coast in this one as Edmonton's eyeballs roll into their eyelids. (players and fans)

The Schmoes put it upon themselves as they were the Jeckyl/Hyde CFL team of the year in '04.

Look for the "little green team that could" team to pull out all the stops to get HFA for the West Semifinal.

The Riders are 4-1 ats and 3-2 su at BC in their last 5. This will be the 6th time in 6 years that Sask plays their final game and final road game in BC in Late October/Early November.

Nobody wants to play in Saskatchewan in November ... especially Edmonton.

Big lean to the Roughriders.

***Edit: Add:

After seeing the lines, Ilike:

No "D" here Moreal/Tronna over 46
Hold nose with Ottawa +3
Bang hard Sask +2.5 and ML.'s been fun and I hope to see all of your CFL playoff posts!
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Hamilton get's screwed........

I'd hate to think the Argos didn't reserve those dates on purpose knowing they play Thursday week 20 and Hamilton plays Saturday.
That sh*t about the Wiggles has been news here in T.O. for about a week now no wonder they went out and got a new home.

Look forward to your write-ups Tin. Enjoy that drink.



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The situation you mentioned is really unfortunate for Hamilton and the CFL.

Thanks for the kind words Biggie and good luck always!

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timan, I was wondering where you went, I thought maybe you left for warmer climates. I like Calgary + 6 against my Bombers we were elimanated from the playoff's yesterday and it will be hard for us to to play in a meaningless game, I think Khari will have a big game against his former team.

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tin where u been,
haven't seen one of your threads in a while, then you come back and stick it to the Argos....

The sad thing is the Wiggles will get more people attending their concert then the Argos will for there playoff game.

Boys it doesn't matter anyways, TiCats can't win up here, just doesn't happen.
Argos 11-1 in last 12 at home with only lost coming from the Als.

Tin good to see u posting again,
BOL this week


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Oly lines:

Toronto +1 O/U 46
Winnipeg -5 O/U 53
Ottawa +3 O/U 52
BC -2.5 O/U 52

Hi AHF .... warmer climates sound good ... maybe next year. The Stamps will be fired up, and so will the Bombers be fired up. It should be a great game!

Hi J.F. ... sorry to hammer Toronto, but the controversy is not good for the league and frankly, I'm sick of the tail always wagging the dog in the CFL.

I agree that Hamilton will probably lose the East Semifinal anyways.

Good luck this weekguys!

Jimmy Fingers

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I see your point Tin, Skydome and the Argos could of done a better job in scheduling things this year
That’s where the new venue will help out in a big way, Argos will have control of the dates as being the main tenant and part owner of the venue. Which in turns helps the league by giving them more flexibility to schedule games on weekends during the summer months and not have to worry about the Blue Jays or the Wiggles.
I think its great being a Argos fan, cause now we can expect games on weekends not mid week. The Argos by far had the worst schedule of all the teams this year.

I said it before but I will say it again, I have enjoy your threads on the CFL all year, they have helped me make some money that’s forsure


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Good stuff tinman, thanks.

Oct 25 5:57pm 2 Team Teaser - Pending
1. Football - Ottawa Renegades - spread +8 (-110)
for the entire game held on Oct 30 at 2:05pm [pending]
2. Football - Saskatchewan Roughriders - spread +7½ (-110)
for the entire game held on Oct 30 at 9:05pm [pending]

Hamilton have 0 to play for and will want to rest all regulars as the playoffs start the following Friday (short week). Ottawa's final home game should provide some motivation and Banks looks like he is pretty good.

BC also have 0 to play for. Sask playing their best ball of the season and want this game to secure home field vs Edm.

Will likely add both teams on the ML when they come out.


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Really like Tin's "Green Bastards" this week as they are the only team with anything to play for. They haven't lost since week 13 and wouldn't it be nice to see them run the table all the way to Ottawa? Then those "Blue Boneheads" could say that they beat the Grey Cup Champs 3 times.

Montreal/Toronto will be resting regulars and it's such a tossup. Ya they'll replace AC with MTM but Allen will be replaced with Bishop. Edge to Mary!

Cats should be resting guys also giving the Gades a chance to finish the season on a winning note.

Saskatchewan wins or covers in BC and then beats Edmonton no matter where they play as the Rider running game is just too strong and that is what is needed in the cold. Cry baby Pringle goes nowhere.

Agree with AHF. Bombers will have trouble getting up for this one and we should once again see that Bomber secondary get torched...this time by their old pal Khari.


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Good luck with the teaser Phil and thanks for your fantastic contributions all CFL season long!

LVL ... Yup .... It's time to sh*t or go blind for those "Green Bastards." Those "Blue Boneheads"...LOL! ... will be back with a vengence next season. Thanks for the reply and your steady, solid ability to cap winners. bol with your plays Les!

Some more trends:

MTL 7-13 ats and 6-14 su last 20 games home or away in October.

MTL & TOR home or away in October, last 5 games between the two went over 52 points. I like the over here as the total is low and I don't expect either team to play tough "D".

TOR 8-2 su and 7-3 ats last 10 home games in October and 5-0 on '03/'04. I like Tronna here to win.