THURS CFL: Hamilton / B.C.


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CFL Record stands at 3-1 in this early season:

I really like Hamilton -1 1/2 here.Last game Hamilton's running game really suprised me as it was better than what i had thought it would be.They only lost by 2pts but Osbaldiston had 7 Field goals.If any one of those drives had ended up with 7 instead of 3,the Ticats win it easily.BC come off an eye opening thrilling OT win,they will probably lose the services of their 2 DB'S Carter and Anderson,even if they don't these two are not 100 %.As some many know a very good friend of mine from London,Ont plays for BC(Ryan Thelwell #84) he told me that BC had the day off on SUN,watched games film on Hamilton on MON,went through some offensive plays on Tues,and had a quick special teams session today (WED) they fly out Thurs morning.So with this short work week,coming off an emotional OT win,not to mention flying across the country with possibly two injured DB's.Look for a better effort from the veteran McManus here as he might air it out more than your think.


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bet. your writeup and tacky's comment on the wind (rookie punter in BC Don't forget!!) i'm thinking more and more hamilton and over are two fairly solid plays....

thx wizard!!


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I am from Hamilton and a die-hard Ti-Cat fan, but I still think their secondary is weak and will be in tough against good quarterbacks like Damon Allen. Marvin Graves engineered a comeback on the Black and Gold, that should say something. Plus, all this talk about the Lions' injuries, I read in the Hamilton Spectator that the Ti-Cats are also hurting. Check injury reports, I will be back before the game tomorrow to find out who's in and who's out.

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I too am from Hamilton, I look for another close game for the Cats just like last week, a game decided by just a field goal.
All you Pro-Line players may want to try the
No call on O/U.


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