Thursday at the Bar n Grill


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NHL 1-0 +2.00
MLB 2-4 -2.05

arrrgh, a five cent losing day, on back of a ten center....
Thursday, Apr 15

Tax Time? PAY ME, MAN

In The Great Game

A busy day card, with a doobie on the table for each of these:

FISH -150 at Rico (The Rico Expos...gotta admit that has a good ring...)
FISH/RICO Undah 8 -120

Best pitching staff in MLB versus puny Expo offense? Yummy, yummy.

BUC +170 at Bear Overpriced, overrated Cubs at Wrigley
SNAKE/ROCK Over 13 -120....Daytime with two mediocre starters....

JAY/CAT Undah 8.5....Relying on JJ to do his part for Tigers as we see Halliday jamming Detroit

PALE -170 vs Royal....Sox ace versus at home versus Brian Anderson? Party time

LITTLERANGERS -105 vs Athletic...I'm down two units in this series, and gotta like Rogers steady hand to slow Oakland down to 5...Looking for Ranger bats to stay in tune and tune up Harden for the 6+

Off to pack a bowl and spend the day planting flowers....seeya in the evening, Let's Have a Great Thursday!


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Hey cow, can you post a glossary of team nicknames for those of us not enveloped in a miniature cloud of brown haze? I actually follow most of your hardball names, it's when you slip over to hockey and other sports that I tend to get lost.

Hope you're well; enjoy the garden.


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NHL at The Bar n Grill

Phil - Fly
NYR - Rag
NYI - Isle
Pit - Feathered Mammal
NJ - Devil

Bos - Bear
Ott - Sen
Tor - Bud
Mon - LeBleuBlanc&Rouge
Buff - Sword

TB - Ning
Atl - Bird
Car - Cane
Was - Cap
Fla - Cat

Det - Wing
StL - Blue
Nas - Pred
Clb - Jack
Chi - Hawk

Van - Nuck
Col - Slide
Cal - Fire
Edm - Oil
Min - Wild

SJ - Shark
Dal - Star
LA - King
Ana - Duck
Phx - Yote

They've served me well for past three years....apologies to Rhynes of The Hardline at KTCK for mutating his original idea.


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Late Nite in The Great Game

Two doobies on:

BUM +125 at Pad....Looking for Nomo to get his game on finally and Dodgers get revenge on Lawrence.