Ti Cat game tomorrow nite!


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I was just walking down Ottawa street here in Ham town and this evening the weather is nice but the wind is really blowin' Tomorrow is suppose to be identical to today, (weather wise) The internet cafe that I am in is about 6 blocks away from Ivor Wynn stadium. I will be in attendance at tomorrow nites game and if the wind is blowing like it is right now (feels like about 45kms) I will be sure to bet the under. Anyway, as I walk up to Ivor Wynn at about 6:30 tomorrow nite........eastern time.... I will drop in and give a quick wind report before I go to the game so stay posted and all the best...Tacky


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Hamilton is always windy. I go to school there and even being about 6-10kms off the lake, it is real windy.


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Heard Mike McCarthy, GM of the Cats on the Fan590 on tonight's Football Weekly show. He thinks it will be a 33-30 type of game tomorrow night.

He went on at length about BC's young defence and injuries to their secondary. By all accounts, ther have been several changes to Hamilton's roster this year as well..

I am going big on the over 53.5!

Good luck...