to Stickbit, try this re: site Blocked

The Radster

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Noticed you mentioned in Bawg's thread that you have the Everyedge site blocked at work, same here for me, it stinks don't it?! :(.

Our firewall software seems to twig on names such as "betting", "sports", and so on in the http address, so I have gotten around this by surfing by IP address rather than by name.

Try this link when you get to work:

It does work for me, circumvents the firewall blocking crap.

Good Luck to all in this ever more censored world.

Happy surfing, hope it works for you.

Sonny Palermo

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In one way it's not censored enough - our 'spam block' went down last week. I had no idea how out of control this is because I have had the filter for so long. The last few days I'm getting 50 per day avg. It takes 5 minutes just to delete it. No one should have to lose 5 minutes of their day just to remove unsolcited crap.
It's almost like home invasion.....


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great info radster! i have had the same problem at my work, so i'll be cutting and pasting that ip link you provided. "ever more censored world" is RIGHT!

thanks and good luck tonite.