Week 11 NFL Super Picks & Tracking Lost Dogs 101 +

Bill Grundy

My pick 6 for Week 11 NFL Contest:

Houston -2.5
Atlanta -3.5
Philadelphia +8.5
Mr. & Minnesota +2.5
Indianapolis -2.5
Baltimore -3.5

Just a heads up - All the money was pouring in on the Saints this week while the number was 8 and 9 and the number moves to 7.5 and now 7. Kinda makes you wonder what is on the tracks comin' the other way Eh?.
There are two other reverse line movement games of significance Chicago? and Indy? not sure cuz, I'm one coffee short of recalling em as I just spent the last 72 hours out looking for a missing dog out here in one of the unforgiving BIGWOOD'S snowstorms. I was actually 10 yards away from grabbing him just last Thursday but, he bolted. Wow I've never seen a dog with that kind of get up n' go after spending 24 hours out in the frozen tundra of this Wisconsonian landscape we sport. What likely saved him was that there was a snow day for the kids and this goofy dog was holed up with them drinking grape knee highs and co co's with biscuits and boldening while we were out zig zaggin the landscape oe'r the hills n' far away.We still have a perfect record though out here for finding missing dogs in our care.
You know the gig.." We never leave a man behind"

Meanwhile back to the frozen pitch:

Heard a juicy 1st 1/2 total for a play on Washington/Houston to go under 21 in the 1st half...

Hope these help.

Steve Bigwoods

Bill Grundy

Almost forgot the missing ingredient to this lost dog story.
Its 4 AM and the local AM radio station puts on Walk this way by Run DMZ and Aerosmith and I jump into action and open the window and crank the song out the window pointed straight into the BIGWOODS.
'Moose' the missing dog had been spotted on the 18th Concession and when finally captured he was back on the 16th Concession. So in effect he did indeed walk this way.
RUN-DMC - Walk This Way