Week 12 criminals


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Great day yesterday with a 6-1 finish. I also noticed that I forgot to tag my Navy play as a 1* increase in my last post on the thread yesterday. No matter, it was a winner at either 2* or 3*......................
Mia/NYJ over 44 - 4* So it's a Fitz start and Darnold comes back with all 3 receivers (Crowder, Perriman and Mims) today. Just don't see how these guys are not going to score against 2 bad D secondary's.............
Buf -4 - 3* How they gonna stop Allen from the RPO if he takes off?
LAC/Buf over 51 - 2* Sunny day in OP and with a weeks rest I believe that D is shored up more. We know Buf can score, but will LAC put some up? Hubert has been pretty good lately so I believe they will.
Clev/Jax under 45 - 1* Tailing with several guys here and across the network.
Arz -1 - 2* More a play against a really bad D that is beat to hell in NE

Back later for some afternoon action


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Well I guess I had more faith in the Jets with a full array of weapons to be able to do anything..........such is this past time...........
SF +5.5 and over 44 - 2* ea
KC -3.5 - 1*
Chi/GB under 44 - 3*

by the way
. I was gonna take a 1* poke at NO/Den over 36 but my book took it off the board.
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