Week 8 Kiddies


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Have not posted a record so far this year since we have been so damn busy moving and such, so I'll just start off today with what is almost an even record to date. Thru today I am 28-28-1 (not all were posted) for -1.5* Lets start a roll today shall we..........................
Tex Tech +1 - 4* Big difference in this one will be the Red Raider pass game vs the porous K St pass coverage. Colombi has a better rating than Shough overall to boot. Good receivers go get this one big time....................
WF/Army over 53 - 2* Wake D continues to stumble this week after 2 straight weeks giving up 34 and 37 respectively. Seems they struggle against good running teams. Good news is they put up points. Army is 4-0 against D's that rank 40 or above so far this season.
NW +23 - 2* Still not sold on Mich who barely escaped Neb and Rut in 2 of the last 3 weeks. 23 is way to much IMO. See them winning but by 7-10 at best.
Wisc/Pur over 40.5 - 3* This one should be close and I really think Wisky wins this, but the hook is the concern to me. They match up well and while neither has been big scoring O's, today is one of those games where I see it going back and forth all day. Take the low total and run....................
Okla St/Iowa St over 47.5 - 2* These guys both Ave 33+ per game. Bigtime game
UCLA -pk - 1* UCLA wins and knocks Ore out of playoffs today. They can taste it and run the ball way better. Control the line and the clock for the SU win