Welcome BobbyAWS!


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Bobby has posted up a few times in Sonny's and Todd's threads, he's been briefed on the URL policy
and it's high time we gave him our infamous EE welcome!

Glad you joined us, a friend of Sonny and Todd is a welcome addition. Don't be a stranger.

Sonny Palermo

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Although he's from the 'lower 48'
make no doubt about it -
Bobby is, like many here, a puck head;
welcome Bobby,
you're gonna love the debates/selections/opinions here during NHL season!
thanks for posting,


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Wow. What a reception!

Thanks, gang. That was kinda neat. Sort of like rec.gambling.poker was like 8 years ago.

Since everybody's looking at me, I'd better introduce myself.

I've been booking bets (legally) for almost 10 years now. Mostly in Las Vegas, but I'm off-shore now. Some of that time was spent working alongside Sonny and Todd. These guys know their stuff.

And yes, hockey is my specialty.

I look forward to hanging around here. Thanks again for the warm reception.


Yes, I'm from the lower 48. So I guess Curacao is even LOWER?