Where did you all go?


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Joe. Things should start heating up with the return of college and pro 🏈🏈. I know I don’t follow much in the summer so I rarely post. Looking forward to the fall tho


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Heh Joe. Like SGR said with feetball
coming on there should be many people returning to post. I realize it seems weird not to see many members around but keep on posting.

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Was Doing Ok N MLB But Recently Have Gone As Cold As My Log On Name Would Suggest So Then As I Have Written N The Past None Of My Past Friends Would Wager On MLB . Just Reading An Listening To These College Football Predictions An Rankings As They Have Been Giving Myself A Good Laugh On A Daily Bases Which Is Very Good On Stress Relieving . Heard One Last Night Say That The Florida Game Will Be Tougher Than The LSU Game For The " Vols " To Win Sorry I Don ' t Agree With That Prediction Another Game That I Don ' t Agree With Is Alabama Will Be Tougher To Win Than Georgia I Could Careless What Past Years Records Against Each Team Is An There Is Some Ugly Streaks For The " Vols " New Year I Say Win Em All Go " Vols "
Best Of CCR Non Stop Songs !!! &&& ***
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I haven't been too involved...found MLB tough this year so have taken it easy. As playoffs and football get closer, I'll probably be more involved. Only sport I am betting is the golf.
I appreciate you keeping up the posting!


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FOOTBALL...as we bet it....is right around the corner....have to keep an eye on injury status for players especially O-Line and DB/safety
coming into the 1st week of NFL...hence the teams letting draft choices and 2nd-3rd year players play some snaps....And mostly keeping $$$ starters on the sideline during EX games...Tough to handicap these pre season games...IMO...There will be lots of wagering opportunities in the next month or so.....Congrats to all who took Baltimore Ravens last night....AMAZING pre season record...ATS and SU....Whew.
GL on ur plays today.....Lidder:cool:



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Ahhhhhhh my friend, we all come back once the footballs start flying around in the crisp Fall air.