Wild Card Weekend....


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What a great wild card weekend...here on the east coast it will be cold as hell and staying in and enjoying what’s left of the NFL this year....feel really good about the Saturday plays...

Raiders + 5.....this is a big time live dog...bengals offensive line is quite weak and the public is so drawn to the flashy players such as Burrow, Chase and other weapons and they are very good however I love the Veteran leadership of David Carr in this game and the raiders pass rush. This is a FG game to me either way and gladly take the points

Bills - 4 1/2.....love the bills at home here...feels like a reprieve for the wind game...boxing analogy when there’s a trilogy, first time the underdog barely won, 2nd match the better boxer won decisively and in my opinion the bills had their way and in the third one, I expect the bills to win this one by at least 10 points!!!!

Steelers + 12 1/2...I like the points. Steelers get to do this one over again and although I don’t see them winning, I do see them covering.

Rams - 4.....that niner game was the worst thing that happened for Arizona as this time the rams will keep the foot on pedal