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Hi Mike, there is a rule on promoting a site with a link. You can mention the site without linking. On another note, my life has taken a bit of a turn with my parents and in-laws needing further care. I will be looking for someone to take over the site. Would you or anyone else be interested?
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Hi Sam. Sorry to hear about your family and hope everything works out. I would like to think about it a little as I am nearing retirement and looking for a constructive way to use my daily time. Just basically need to know what's involved both time wise and $$$ wise. I am definitely interested in talking further. You can always reach me by email and my phone is 647-707-1472. I'm in Toronto.
Golfing with Lidder Aug 11 in Niagara if ya can make it lemme know
Hey CC. Would love to join you guys but I'll be away 1st 2 weeks of August scuba diving in Nova Scotia. Maybe next time.
Sounds fun! Love the East Coast.
Hey, I saw that you replied to my post, but now I can't find the thread?
EE Sam
EE Sam
I deleted the MJ Professer thread because he had self promotion links.
Hey Thomas, thanks for sharing those oddsshark links. Been using that site for years but didn't know about those tables. Have you built your own predictive sports model?
Here is a link I use to find out a goalie lifetime record vs certain Opponents.
Ya the stats are not very good the sides are hitting right around 50%, up to like 55% and as low as 30%.
The totals on the other hand have done ok, one night went 6-0, an higher on the % a tad, but again mostly around 50%. Its certainly not the way to cap but worthy of keeping an eye on when your having a tough time coming to a play.
hah, you made it back eh?
lookin forward to some more 'technical' discussion on the NHL side..
it's been quiet over there for a while, which is why i spend more time at RX.... btw.. it's GloB!
akchi47, feel free to add me and chat anytime. I didn't see this "visitor" notification until just now. Hope you are doing well.