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Ya the stats are not very good the sides are hitting right around 50%, up to like 55% and as low as 30%.
The totals on the other hand have done ok, one night went 6-0, an higher on the % a tad, but again mostly around 50%. Its certainly not the way to cap but worthy of keeping an eye on when your having a tough time coming to a play.
hah, you made it back eh?
lookin forward to some more 'technical' discussion on the NHL side..
it's been quiet over there for a while, which is why i spend more time at RX.... btw.. it's GloB!
akchi47, feel free to add me and chat anytime. I didn't see this "visitor" notification until just now. Hope you are doing well.
Not sure what I e-mailed JC for, I wanted to e-mail Yaq because he pointed me to something that turned into a decent system play, and I wanted him to have the parameters of the play: after a National League night game of 12 innings or more play the home team to go Under the next day (day or night game) it's 11-3 this season (AL is 6-5 or 7-6; NL is stronger play.)
Sorry Raiderfan I just saw this message in my "inbox". I going to assume you have already gone on your trip to Vegas. If not let me know and I'll try and help out. If you did already go I hope you had a great time.