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    We have a giant Mets game, 4:10 PM et

    Going with the over 7.5 in the Giants vs Mets game. The Giants have been hitting well, albeit they are on a three game losing streak. The Big Unit has been hit this year! Last outing, he had 4 ER in 5 innings. Even the Brewers pitcher tagged him for a homer earlier in the year (The only...
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    Thoughts on an over?

    I have a local book who earlier posted the game between Kansas ST and San Diego ST with SDST at -5.5 and an over of 130. Now he tells us any bet on the over is limited to five bills. Is the over in this game a great bet? Perhaps there is some capper service that is hot about this!? Thanks...
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    Just For Fun - What The Heck

    I am betting with my heart because they have shown a lot of heart..... Two Units on Syracuse +7.5 Go Orange.....but I don't really need to say it.....I know you will leave it all on the floor before the night is over :) Good Luck to all on your bets! pt
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    Georgia Tech ???????

    The dirty ^(%$#@*......I hope I am not stepping on toes here, but What is going on with Georgia Tech?? Did they have twelve injured players in FULL body casts all sutured up laying on the bench and just decided to cut them out or hatch them a week or two ago? Their record sucks and, yet, they...
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    Going off at 7pm Eastern, 6 CST

    Like TennChatt -8 *3 units to beat Elon; playing at McKenzie Arena, Chattanooga, TN; Chatt already beat Elon both home and away :) Lets get this one! Good Luck on your plays! pt
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    Beavers to get win

    Oregon State will travel through the DUCKS like a buzzzzsaw :) Better record, better on the road, know how to play the DUCKS! Just stop the three ball and all will be fine! 3* Beavers plus two The Beavers are cool :) Good Luck to all! pt
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    Saturday - NCAA

    Let's start the day off with a nice win on the road. I like Kentucky at Arkansas. I know both teams have players out but I think Meeks throws in 50today as the hogs have no answer :) Kentucky -4.5 for *3 units Good Luck on your plays! pt
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    NCAA Play - Friday the 13th or Black Friday

    I think this will be a tough game but the Wildcats will show depth and character as they move to the top ten in the NCAA. WVU just has two dependable scorers and I think the Wildcat guards match up very favorably as well. Moreover, the Mountaineers won't be able to stop Cunningham :cool: Play...
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    Friday Night - NCAA Entertainment

    Not a whole lot on the card tonight but a chance to see one of the hotter teams in the Big Hunt this year. Although many of you may disagree, I have had the chance to see this team play in person and I had to admit, afterwards, I liked what I did see (and I am a Badger fan/alum, not Marquette)...
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    Account for action

    I have an offshore account at "you _ager DOTcom and am thinking about a new one with one of our sponsors. I am thinking strongly about Pinnacle since I have heard they offer a lot of betting options (a drawback with my current book). My big concern is getting paid. I am in the states as most...
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    Super Bowl 43

    Contrary to what many seem to believe, this Steeler defense is not even close the the "steel curtain" defense that I think about when thinking of great defenses. Yes, they are good, but not great. The Cardinal defense is also pretty good and I think they will surprise people today, especially...
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    Chunky McNabby tossed his.....

    cookies in the huddle at the Super Bowl and then later cost me my bet with a "meaningless" touchdown late in that game :( I hope he tosses his "cookies" again when the Chunky TURKEY looks at the scoreboard at halftime!! You stink, ChunkyNabb pt
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    Big Ten - Ohio State

    This year, Ohio State brings the thunder. Thinking, should I buy back my Texas bet? How good is the Texas coach (and team) at making some severely needed adjustments??????? pt
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    "Little" Big Ten - Penn St

    I love JoePa and all he has done at Penn St. I wish he could replace the three &^*%$%( in Green Bay!!! :) :D That being said, this is about business first. Penn St Lions will be tamed by the west coast Condoms. USC 2* -10 Good Luck to all and Happy New Year! pt
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    Big Ten - Iowa

    Iowa will screech and peck the eyes out of those gamecocks today with their ground game. The lovie-dovie factor will be the demise of the gamecocks :) Be there! 2* Hawks - 4.5 Good Luck today, and Happy New Year! pt