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    NFL Picks

    Did ok in college hoping to do the same in NFL Saints+3-110 look ahead game vs Bucs Qb jones will make mistakes WFT +8-115 gut feeling Washington D can contain Bills offence Bungals +3-110 too many injuries on Pit side Rams+2-115 Bucs look ahead vs Pats also injuries will hampered TB Vikings...
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    Saturday Kids Football

    Lost around 4 units last week made it up in NFL this week I'll give it a go will add a couple more later on ND+7-12...3 units ND under 44..2 units ND under 1H 21....2 units Miss st +3-15...2 units Good Luck
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    Nfl Sunday

    Colts +4-108 lines seems fishy Eagles +3-110 West coast team travels east coast Carolina +4-120 Winston will have troubles vs Panthers D Tenny+7-125 too many points for this high octane offence All for 2 units GL
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    Kids Football

    Okla-22.110 Colorado over 48-115 West Virginia ml-125 tailing All for 2 units GL
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    Thoughts on NFL Week 1

    Hey Wanted to hear ppl's opinions on teams and what to look for in week 2 I think Jacksonville will be one of the bottom feeders this year I dont think Myers can handle the big boys league Bears needs to put Fields in now than later.
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    YTD 2-2 +1.90 units Vegas +4...1 unit NBL
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    NFL Sunday

    Finally NFL is back 0-1 -1.00 lost my teaser Carolina -4.5..2 units Jets will struggle this year even though with Zach Wilson Carolina has offensive weapons that jets wont be able to handle Donkeys-2.5..2 units Teddy will bring stability to the qb situation with a great receiving core and a...
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    Saturday College Foots

    1-0 for +1.00 unit Rutgers under 52.. 2 units Both teams aren't a high flying offence here I see a low scoring game Ohio State -14-120..1 unit Oregon wont have a answer for O State offence looking for a blowout will add tmr GL
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    Finally NFL is back 1 teaser to start off Dallas +15.5 & Under 58.5 for 1 unit Good Luck everyone on the season
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    Saturday Kids Football

    Full slate of games today 1-0 +1.00 units Wisconsin under 50-115....2 units both teams will pound the ball and 2 good defences . Will add if I like anymore games good luck to everyone
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    College Foots

    Hi everyone Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy glad football is back. all of my plays is 1 unit =$100 unless specify 1 play to kick off the season Illinois under 55 Best of luck in the pigskins this year
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    Euro 2020 thread

    1st game Italy and Turkey under 2.5-155...2.5 units I can see this game being 1-1 or 1-0 Turkey has a solid D which will prohibit Italy scoring chances GL
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    Sunday Madness

    West Virginia -3-120...2 units GL
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    SB Sunday

    Only sad thing is the NFL season is over after today This game will be fun to watch Chiefs-ML -152...4 units Hill over 94.5 yards 2 units Going against the grain here I think Brady and co has a good team imo Reid is a better coach also Mahomes will be the new GOAT both teams has great offence...
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    NFL Sunday

    gonna be a great 2 games today going with the 2 home teams Cheeseheads-3 Chiefs 3 Packers looks healthy and ready to revenge its loss vs the Bucs this season. Rodgers at home with a running game and a bunch of receivers are too much for the bucs Rodgers will have plenty of time to pick apart...
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    Saturday Kids Ball

    Cocks -1 1H Cocks -2 FG 1 unit each
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    Sunday NFL Plays

    Baltimore screwed me on my teaser and 2H play Going with the 2 Favs as Maddog take the fav in the round of 8 Chiefs-10 Clv D will get shredded my Mahomes I expect Kelce to have a great game Over 0.5 Kelce to score a td-150 Saints -3 Saints D will give Brady fits Bucs D won't have an answer for...
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    Bill/Ravens 2H Play

    Ravens +2.5...3 un its Ravens sucked everything didn't go the way especiallyTucker Ravens will adjust and Jackson will run more GL
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    College Hoops

    Lots of sports going on today good luck to everyone St John's over 72 1H
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    NHL(Covid)Plays running thread

    going to post all my plays here 2-1 +1.00 unit Saturday all plays for 1 unit unless specified Phoenix -125...