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    NFL Picks

    Did ok in college hoping to do the same in NFL Saints+3-110 look ahead game vs Bucs Qb jones will make mistakes WFT +8-115 gut feeling Washington D can contain Bills offence Bungals +3-110 too many injuries on Pit side Rams+2-115 Bucs look ahead vs Pats also injuries will hampered TB Vikings...
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    Saturday Kids Football

    2-1-1 +2.80 units on to NFL
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    I like Wiskey

    on the other side of the wisky gm but good luck
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    GC: Saturday College Football Power System Play

    I like Mich also waiting to see my ND game goes GL GC
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    Sat College Foots BIG

    glad to see you TC but not your play lol im on ND GL
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    Saturday Kids Football

    Lost around 4 units last week made it up in NFL this week I'll give it a go will add a couple more later on ND+7-12...3 units ND under 44..2 units ND under 1H 21....2 units Miss st +3-15...2 units Good Luck
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    looks like every one won Congrats
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    TNF side

    nice 5 unit win
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    congrats on the sweep
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    TNF Total Play

    double whammy thanks lid
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    TNF Total Play

    I played under 1H 22 will tail the under 43 GL Lidder
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    Wednesday CFL play

    Yes, still 3 downs
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    Wednesday CFL play

    will tail Thanks and good luck
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    Nfl Sunday

    3-1 +3.80 units Made up for my college picks
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    nfl sunday

    Good luck bases
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    Week 2

    glad to see you on couple of plays with me, GL
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    Kids Football

    1-3 - 4.70 units
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    Nfl Sunday

    Colts +4-108 lines seems fishy Eagles +3-110 West coast team travels east coast Carolina +4-120 Winston will have troubles vs Panthers D Tenny+7-125 too many points for this high octane offence All for 2 units GL
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    Kids Football

    adding Alabama -14 2 units