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  1. CanadianCoates

    MLB Thurs Fri

    Braves +1.5 and Sox Hous over 8.5
  2. CanadianCoates

    Thursday Pucks

    Couldn't line up a draw with the ball game last night. Onward. 2/4RR tonight and a solo Ducks +170 covid issues for Jets. All double vaxed oddly enough. Ana Jets under 5.5 Draws Avs Flames Rangers
  3. CanadianCoates

    Hump Day Picks

    GL Ice
  4. CanadianCoates

    Wednesday Pucks and Ball

    Went 5/6 last nignt for a huge gain. Got lucky with the Sox Stros over. Tonignt 2/3 RR Both pucks to draw Sox Stros over 9.5 Sale hasnt looked good. Both lineups have huge bats. Two NHL matches both with good potential for the draw. BOLA
  5. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday Picks

    Good Luck Tonight Go Isles
  6. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday Plays Balls and Pucks

    Going with a 2/6 RR today. Both ball games over. NL 7.5 AL 10 Isles ML Caps ML Draws NASH Jets BOLA
  7. CanadianCoates

    Sunday Puck

    Only one game STUETZLE to score a goal. +275
  8. CanadianCoates

    NFL Week 6

    GL, nice hit on Mia Jax 1/2 under
  9. CanadianCoates

    urban should be fired win lose or draw

    Or not lol. Kid makes it from 59.
  10. CanadianCoates

    urban should be fired win lose or draw

    Dunno why he didnt go for the FG earlier. Cost them the win
  11. CanadianCoates

    Sun nfl

    GL on the GB play
  12. CanadianCoates

    Sun early plays

    BOL today BB, hope you get your work all done early.
  13. CanadianCoates

    Sunday starts London

    As long as its cold its good enough for me. Alexander Keiths would be my favorite.
  14. CanadianCoates

    Sunday NFL

    GL coach. If ya had a 26 piece id join ya
  15. CanadianCoates

    Sunday starts London

    Crushed alot of cans last night. Nailed 2/3 NHL draws for solid return. Today London Gesicki to score TD +240 Under 47.5 Teaser Jags +13.5 KC +3.5 Pitt +5 Dallas +7
  16. CanadianCoates

    nhl saturday

    GL Bases
  17. CanadianCoates

    Saturday Picks

    Hope ya sweep em!
  18. CanadianCoates

    30 pack and 3 pack

    Lol have fun Ice
  19. CanadianCoates

    30 pack and 3 pack

    30 cans and 3 draws 2/3RR Leafs Kraken Caps
  20. CanadianCoates

    Happy 20th anniversary

    Welcome back Hat!