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  1. CanadianCoates

    MLB Thurs Fri

    Braves +1.5 and Sox Hous over 8.5
  2. CanadianCoates

    Thursday Pucks

    Couldn't line up a draw with the ball game last night. Onward. 2/4RR tonight and a solo Ducks +170 covid issues for Jets. All double vaxed oddly enough. Ana Jets under 5.5 Draws Avs Flames Rangers
  3. CanadianCoates

    Wednesday Pucks and Ball

    Went 5/6 last nignt for a huge gain. Got lucky with the Sox Stros over. Tonignt 2/3 RR Both pucks to draw Sox Stros over 9.5 Sale hasnt looked good. Both lineups have huge bats. Two NHL matches both with good potential for the draw. BOLA
  4. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday Plays Balls and Pucks

    Going with a 2/6 RR today. Both ball games over. NL 7.5 AL 10 Isles ML Caps ML Draws NASH Jets BOLA
  5. CanadianCoates

    Sunday Puck

    Only one game STUETZLE to score a goal. +275
  6. CanadianCoates

    Sunday starts London

    Crushed alot of cans last night. Nailed 2/3 NHL draws for solid return. Today London Gesicki to score TD +240 Under 47.5 Teaser Jags +13.5 KC +3.5 Pitt +5 Dallas +7
  7. CanadianCoates

    30 pack and 3 pack

    30 cans and 3 draws 2/3RR Leafs Kraken Caps
  8. CanadianCoates

    Thanksgiving Monday

    Great slate of today. Not a good Sunday. Did escape survivor pool, 1-1 Fantasy matchups Today Braves game and Dodgers game FT/HT MNF Andrews to score a TD yes +170
  9. CanadianCoates


    So you make an initial early play. But you read into the game more as it approaches and u second guessing. Better to stand or sway.
  10. CanadianCoates

    Happy Thanksgiving EE!

    Have a great day everyone. Pretty pumped for Turkey and Beer and Wine, and probably start with a Ceasar here shortly (Blood Mary for you Yanks).. Never forget first time I went to Myrtle Beach asked for a Ceasar and the guy looks at me and say why you want a muthafuckin salad son?? Southern...
  11. CanadianCoates

    MLB Playoffs 2021

    Hit the half/full last night. Solid bank roll for the POs now. Today White Sox ML with Bosox TB over 8 H/F Chi +900 Hous +700 Atl +900 Mil +800
  12. CanadianCoates

    NL Wildcard

    Great time of year for the half/full betting. Book has lowered these odds considerably. Half Draw Full Cards +1000 LA +700
  13. CanadianCoates

    Note to self

    When there is a bus load pulling a bus load go the other way.
  14. CanadianCoates

    Game 162

    Exciting day for baseball fans. Couldn't script the AL any better. Go Sox! 2/4 RR Boston RL Lions +3 Steelers +6 and over 45 Still riding a super tease also need Lions +16.5 and Titans +6 to close. BOLA
  15. CanadianCoates

    MNF Teases

    Hope all is well with everyone! Need to finish this. 1. Washington Football Team @ Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills +3.5 Teaser Win 2. Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Raiders +9.5 Teaser Win 3. NY Jets @ Denver Broncos Denver Broncos +3.0 Teaser Win 4. Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas...
  16. CanadianCoates


    Pga donation so far. Couple draws looking good this aft. Played Jays - 1' +115 for some evening action. Super tease Als +17 over 34 Lions +14.5 over 35
  17. CanadianCoates

    Ryder Cup

    For some action 2/4 RR Match 1 Tie +604 Foursomes - Day 1 2021 Ryder Cup Match 2 Tie +611 Foursomes - Day 1 2021 Ryder Cup Match 3 Tie +612 Foursomes - Day 1 2021 Ryder Cup Match 4 Tie +611 Foursomes - Day 1 2021 Ryder Cup Foursomes Day 1 winner Tie +350 Four Ball Day 1 winner Tie +333 BoLA
  18. CanadianCoates

    MLB Wednesday

    Swept last night Angels ML RedSox ML
  19. CanadianCoates

    MLB Tuesday

    2/3RR Jays Twins Red Sox
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    Vaccine Poll