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    Old school system play… driver

    Sorry, I may have sounded sarcastic and am sure you are trying to contribute to the EE site/members. Please accept my apology! I just dont put much stock in any statistical trend being the primary reason for picking a specific team to wager on especially when it does NOT take into consideration...
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    Old school system play… driver

    Seriously Gang, do your handicapping!
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    Follow the Money

    Uniform colors are important too
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    NFL Week 3 Winless Road Dogs

    Good Luck, I like carolina
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    Good Luck today
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    CFL Friday play

    Thanks for th easy winner! Much appreciated
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    GL, none of those on my card
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    2,3 and 4 on my card for varying amts. Good Luck to us!
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    Kids Super Tease

    Very SUPER, good luck
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    Ncaa Saturday

    Nice card, GL MD
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    NCAA Football Sat 9/23

    Season to date 34-26 +4.07 Today a lot of chalk and away fav’s which is not my favorite card, but this is how I’m playing them. (Be careful) In ladder order Top 5 Oregon State -3 @ Wash St (1*) OSU my new under the radar team. Wash St 48 ppg, allow only 22 ppg. They are 3-0 and playing at...
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    NCAA Football Friday 9/22

    Friday Wrap 2-2 -.65 Give the VA def coord. a raise and fire the NC St off coord. Terrible play calling for NC St especially in 4th q with 1 TD lead and they just need a couple of first downs. SD St covered as expected ( thank you back door) AF played in second half like they should have played...
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    Wk 3 NFL is upon us & we need…

    Hate to say it but Andy Dalton is better for Carolina on Sunday than Bryce Young.
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    Ncaa Friday

    In-conference games , not always a bad idea to pick the better team. I like all three of those, but the Wisky game scares me. I also dont know why NC St opened -8', it dropped to 7' and now ticked up a little. Either somebody knows something I dont or there's some big arbitrage going on.
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    NCAA Football Friday 9/22

    Nice win last night and last week Sat went 11-5 Season to date CFB is a respectable 32-24 +4.72* Hope to keep this going and my unit size is increasing. Tonight NC State-7' @ Virginia (1*) Va is not very good, make lots of mistakes and the very tuff, agressive defensive front line for NC State...
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    Thursday NFL and CFB

    Thanks OB , SF played out as expected and the Geo State Run game (186 yds) and some good defense made for a nice dog win. Back at ya buddy, nice night for you and real nice season to date. Looking forward to more good stuff!
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    Thursday NFL and CFB

    With only two games tonight I do more reading and probably over analze but did find this handicapping fact to consider. (pasted here) "Georgia State has forced seven turnovers already this season ( 3games) and 32 in its last 15 games. This isn’t a fluke. Georgia State also ranked 11th among FBS...
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    Early NCAAF (thurs-Fri)

    Have a great t SGR
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    Wk 3 NFL TNF is upon us & we need…

    With the NYG Team Total at 16' Over/Under....what does that tell you? Will SF score 27 or more and hold NYG to less than 17? Hmmmm? I lean to a 14 point+ Win for SF.
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    NFL wk 2

    I always play my pick six pool picks unless line moves far away. ATL-3 ( even though line moved 4 pts, there's a good reason for that) Detroit -5 Chic +2' Buffalo -7' Dallas -8' Monday NO -3 NBL