Battle w/ the Beast 2001, bell rings, Round 1.......

Sonny Palermo

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OK, tryin as hard as I can but I JUST CAN'T GET INTO BASEBALL THIS SEASON!!!!!!
But I should be contributing more selections and pickin up the competitive juices so I will do a 12 week battle with the Beast known as baseball, beginning today. Like in boxing, this will be a championship fight of 12 rounds(weeks). Yes, 15 is the TRUE championship distance but the wusses quit doing that in boxing years ago. I only have 12 weeks before NFL begins so I want to wash my hands of baseball before then as I do not like to mix sports when handicapping. And on that subject let me say I do not handicap baseball so before wagering on my selections be wary. In NFL and NBA I do a lot of stat work. In baseball I do pretty much what I believe a lot of players do - I look at the card, see what hits my eye, and take my shot. I try to adhere to money management principles more strictly than ever though.
All plays up to this point will be considered pre-season BUT I will calculate them at the end of the fight so the detractors will have to look elsewhere for ammo(and will still find none);
hit last 2 plays here but I think I'm down 3-4 units?; have the #'s at home, will update;
also will pick up the Reverse Tout plays as I have some ground to make up there;
Each week counts as one round, the object to win more rounds than the other guy. Any week of +7/-7 or more is a 10-8 round. Winner is, of course, declared by units though, not rounds. I will give picks, reasonings and strategies (when there is reasoning and strategy);
Today, startin with a big dog - the guys that hang out with Pooh and Piglet, for 1 unit as the other guys have dropped 3 of 4 and look a little over priced to me AND they play like stiffs when there is no money on the table like in playoff games. They have 17 games 'till the allstar break and last season they went 8-9 over this period and as they were Favs most of the way 8-9 turned a tidy little profit. They seem distracted again these days and I'll look for GO-AGAINST spots for them over the next 3 weeks.

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Here's hoping THEY'RE GRRRRREEEEAAATTTT and the pick wins!
Good luck!

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Great to see you in here you dirty old rat bastard!

In keeping with your theme, my money's on the white guy in the dark trunks -- how often can we say that in boxing?

BOL chief!

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