Childress spanks the monkey . . .

Sonny Palermo

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Quote today:
"This does not detract from the team that we have."

Yeah, nice spin Brad, the team you have knows you lost the QB you wanted like Hinkley wants Jodie.
Not a very important position, that QB spot, certainly no distractions there.

I understand though, what were you going to say "OK, we're going to plan B."
Or "No problem, I'll just hand the ball to the guy I made it clear to that we don't want."
That usually works well in the big leagues.

"He didn't break up with me, I broke up with him!"
This guy is making a strong move for the douchebag hall of fame.
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This was handled horribly from the get-go.

They shouldn't have been pursuing Favre at all, or even entertaining thoughts of Favre in purple. I have thought all along they would be better off with Rosenfels and Jackson, and there was just no need for all of this hoopla.

Jackson needs to continue to improve (and very quickly) while Rosenfels needs to take full advantage of probably his only opportunity to be a starter. Neither one seems overly likely.

But I still like them better than Favre.

Did the Vikings learn nothing from what the Packers and Jets went through last year? Favre has been a shadow of a shadow of his former self for some time now.

I'm glad it's over. I'm glad he's not in purple. I'm glad Childress will probably be gone by this time next year at the latest. I still think they are better without Favre.

The guy I had hoped over the last couple offseasons would end up in purple was Jeff Garcia.