Derby Picks


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Thought I would throw in my .02 of who I like, in order

Mubjaahij, although he is coming from overseas , the trainer is one of the best in the world

Dortmund, obvious pick

Materiallity, just think he has what it takes and has shown the ability to run the distance,

lets hope for a good one



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Enjoy the race today rtuition. Always an entertaining couple minutes to look forward to but the seven hours of coverage that NBC throws into this spectacle each year still puzzles me a little. It's like a sign that the sports betting season is starting to really wind down. Couple more round of hockey playoffs, some NBA, then it's just bases and CFL until September.

Ice Cold

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Best of luck , this is who i c most like 2 8 & 18 i like 6 8 & 15 left out Carpe Diem may not b a good ideal anyone ' s race but i am leaning to Mubtaahij


I think you have to leave the #8 in any exotics. With the risk of looking like an idiot, I'm disregarding 13, 14, 16, 17, 19 and 21.

There is no reason not to back any of the horses already named in this thread.

#2...PP is not ideal and too much speed...I think he falls in the middle after the late runners past him by and he can't keep up with the fastest

#3,5,6,20...some combination of these have a chance to be in the money with a late charge...I was strongly looking at Borel on El Kabeir prior to the scratch...I think Far Right (#20) slips into that spot

#18...another idiot possibility, but I don't see where he has been tested and hate to back the horse with the most hype

My wagers:

Win = #8 Dortmund
Place = #15 Frosted
Show = #20 Far Right

Exacta box on those with #3 and #6

Tri Box on With those in the Exacta box plus #5 and #10

Good luck to all