Don't be like jailed crooks - have fun, good luck.

Sonny Palermo

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Know what every crook in jail has in common?
They all thought they had it figured out.
And it was gonna be eeeeasy . . .
They had the system beat.
They were gonna score.

Bettors in week 1 tend to be the same way.
They look at that opening day card for 30 days or more before the season begins,
and . . . they have it all figured out.

Week 1 is the week in which many people have bets on more games than any other week.
Why? Because they haven't lost yet!

And they've been looking at these numbers for weeks,
and they have all have it figured out. It looks easy.

Have fun this weekend,
don't go crazy,
and if you do - stay within means.

Good luck this season to all my buds here at ee.


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The other thing they all have in common; They are all innocent.
Good advise Sonny.
In honor of that I am laying off the NFL tonight.


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Thanks Boss, I'm going to the Hawks opener on Sunday and you know what? No bets on thatt one anyways....I'm just going to enjoy the game and GO HAWKS


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Be careful when playing with matches!!

Ain't that the truth!! Gonna quit my boring day job and be a Wise Guy! ;) And then "pop-goes-the-weasel!!! :eek: Need a day job to feed the kids and a night job to pay the "Man" $$ left to buy a blow-job.:confused:....Joe-Pubs lament...:rolleyes: Best a Luck to all the folks at EE..thanx for the info and the laughs!!:p:p rags


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You're not even my real dad, you can't tell me what to do!

Just because you're banging my mom, doesn't give you the right to tell me what to do old man. We're the new generation, ready to fix the world, that you people corrupted such as the economy, housing and accessable porn on the web. (Actually we like the porn part, good job there).


Nice info sonny, good luck this year to all!!!